International Institute of Communications (IIC)

IIC Communications Policy & Regulation Week, 6-9 October, 2014. Vienna.

Trends in global communications: Breaking down silos to embrace convergence

We were delighted to see so many new faces in Vienna this year for our International Regulators Forum and 45th Annual Conference. Participants have enjoyed a week of thought-provoking debate about challenging issues facing the sector, networking, good food and stimulating conversation. We’d like to thank the Mayor of Vienna for hosting our drinks reception and RTR, the Austrian regulators, for their hospitality during the IRF and the M2M Communications Workshop. The Schonbrunn Palace Conference Centre was a delightful back drop to the event and the former Stock Exchange, the Palais Ferstel, provided a glittering arena for our annual gala dinner. If you would like to view the photos visit the photo gallery.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the IIC Annual Conference. IIC does a terrific job of bringing together communications authorities from around the world and facilitating the exchange of ideas. Because for all of our differences, we share many of the same interests—a desire to foster deployment, an interest in expanding access to services, and a belief that modern communications can enhance our economic and civic life.

Jessica Rosenworcel
Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Opening Keynote Session: Balancing investment, innovation, demand stimulation and competition - myths and realities from US, EU and beyond.

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The panel was quite energized and the audience genuinely interested in the investment and innovation dilemma facing Europe. I found the universal broadband access discussion (breakout) interesting and timely. Overall, I found the dialog and interventions, as well as the presenters, to be of extremely high quality. The conference site was well suited to the event and I am pleased to have been able to participate in it.

Thomas M Dailey
Vice President and General Counsel International Operations and Regulatory, Verizon Corporation

Images from the Event

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Annual Conference 2014 - topics and themes included

Investment, innovation and competition: Time for change?

- Looking beyond US and EU for inspiration and benchmarking
- US v EU models - the industrial pillars and policy objectives of each model examined
- Who is leading and in what?

Global spectrum policy: Promoting efficiencies

- Incentivising public spectrum owners to identify and release underused spectrum?
- What are the right "components" of an optimal auction design?
- Shared spectrum, licensed and unlicensed paradigms, what are the global benchmarks?

Internet governance: Reaching consensus

- NETMundial Conference consequences and direction of travel
- Key issues for all players: Industry, society, end-users, regulators...
- What does an effective model look like? Are changes needed? Including within ICANN?

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International Regulators Forum 2014 – Hosted by the Austrian Regulatory Authority RTR at their offices.

Topics and themes included

Regulatory harmonisation

- Adapting regulation to a global digital world
- Does the increasingly converged world of the sector demand converged regulation
- Economies of scale and models to ensure efficient use of spectrum
- Dealing across borders – how can the NRA respond?

How should regulators maintain a balance between public good, social good and ecomonic good?

- What is the regulator's role regarding the consumer? Is that the same for 'the citizen'? And is the 'public interest' always the same as the citizen's interest?
- How can the regulator balance concerns about the use of data vs. the desire for economic progress?
- National values vs. global content

Looking for sustainability - is competition always the right answer?

- Spectrum assignment
- Pricing and affordability
- Universal Service
- Compliance and redress

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Machine to Machine Workshop

The M2M Workshop explored the policy implications for M2M communications and the fulfillment of the IoT. Across two sessions it addressed the key issues in M2M development, the Workshop provided an opportunity for collaboration between industry, academia and policy-makers at the vanguard of M2M technologies.

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IRF Report

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