International Institute of Communications (IIC)

IIC Annual Conference

The IIC Annual Conference is a two-day event, designed to meet the policy and strategic needs of senior executives and public policymakers in the telecommunications and media spheres. It is a key component in the IIC event portfolio along with the IIC International Regulators Forum and IIC Telecommunications and Media Forum series.



The conference is held annually in the autumn in rotating locations around the world and immediately after the IIC International Regulators Forum (IIC IRF). The conference is convened with the support of IIC member organisations of the host country.

In 2014 the conference will be held in Vienna, Austria, while the 2013 conference was held in London.  Recent conferences have been held in Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Montreal, Barcelona, Johannesburg and Singapore.



The IIC Annual Conference focuses on “big picture” themes and the trends and discontinuities that affect the communications community globally. It is the only major conference on the international circuit to explicitly discuss the “cross currents” within and between the telecommunications, information technology, and content media (including broadcasting, Internet and print media) sectors of the communications industry and how these affect business and society.



The conference attracts senior international participation from industry, regulation and policymaking, academia, consultancies and legal firms. It is planned in consultation with senior industry executives, and structured to allow for informed and open discussion. The proceedings are later made available to participants subject to speaker permissions.