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What TMT Professionals say about the IIC

  • Sang-Hyun Kang

    "Whether in the field of broadcasting, internet communications, or new media, I believe international cooperation will play a vital role in the future of our endeavors. I have no doubt the role of International Institute of Communications will become even more important in the days and years to come."

    Sang-Hyun Kang 
    Chairperson, Korea Communications Standards Commission

  • Dr Krisztina Rozgonyi

    "Having seen several professional endeavours during my career , attending your meetings, explained to me why the IIC is special and different from any other similar type of organization, a question which had puzzled me earlier watching it from a distance. It is how you bring senior key people together to discuss the pressing topics for the sector."

    Dr Krisztina Rozgonyi 
    Assistant Professor, Media Governance and Media Industries Research Lab, University of Vienna

  • Ajit Pai

    "Reading about developments and challenges is entirely different to being able to meet personally."

    Ajit Pai
    Chairman, Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

  • Allyson Leacock

    "As a first-time participant at IIC, I found both the RRF and the TMF (Miami) refreshing and informative. I found our panel insightful and engaging. I appreciate the focused approach of the IIC and certainly look forward to your future meetings. Thank you for a very stimulating meeting."

    Dr Allyson Leacock
    Chairman, Barbados Broadcasting Authority

  • Antonio Garcia Zaballos

    "It is the perfect way to get in touch with the different stakeholders of the industry and have an open dialogue about issues that in other circumstances everyone may not feel comfortable talking about."

    Antonio Garcia Zaballos
    Telecommunications Lead Specialist – Leader of the Broadband Programme, Institutions for Development (IFD), Capital Markets and Finance (CMF), IADB

  • Dr Alexandra Borchardt

    "I really enjoyed this panel. It was a pleasure to be surrounded by such a number of thoughtful and interesting participants and an inquisitive audience."

    Dr Alexandra Borchardt
    Director of Strategic Development, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford

  • Eric Loeb

    "As always, IIC does a tremendous job facilitating substantive exchange, and really outstanding networking between industry and regulators.  I look forward to our ongoing participation at the events!"

    Eric Loeb
    Senior Vice President, International External and Regulatory Affairs, AT&T

  • Håkon Bruaset Kjøl

    "The world needs more dialogue. And that’s why Telenor comes to these types of platforms, we love to play a part in forums where we can come together and, particularly, in times of great uncertainty it is really important that we try to solve problems together… Why this forum exists, it’s exactly about .. putting different people together, coming together, discussing across industries, across governments and private sector to find solutions and we think that’s going to be even more important in the future."

    Håkon Bruaset Kjøl
    Senior Vice President, Partner and External Relations Asia, Telenor Group, Telenor Group

  • Kyung-Sin Park

    "IIC provides a rare opportunity to hear candid self-assements of the regulators and exchange equally candid views of the industry and academics, which is exactly what we need in this age of changing alliances and political landscapes."

    Kyung-Sin Park
    Director, Public Policy, Professor, Korea University School of Law

  • Mohammed Ali Al-Mannai

    "Our partnership with the IIC has been hugely beneficial. There is no better platform than IIC’s TDMF to exchange insights and hear from industry leaders about how they tackled the various challenges facing the ICT sector."

    Mohammed Ali Al-Mannai
    President of Communications Regulatory Authority of Qatar

  • R S Sharma

    "It’s very, very important for us to meet and for us to collaborate, discuss and we don’t need to reinvent the wheel, , we can learn from each of other.  It is not as if there are certain people who have got all the knowledge in the world or certain countries.  Every country can learn from other countries and other environments.  So I think that’s a very important thing which we realised at the IIC meeting."

    Dr R S Sharma
    Chairman, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)

  • Tan Kiat How

    "The IIC’s forums and conferences are excellent opportunities for regulators and industry players to network. The forums in particular provide a platform for candid exchange of views on common challenges and good practices among fellow practitioners."

    Mr Tan Kiat How
    CEO of the InfoComm Media Development Authority, Singapore


Members receive InterMedia, the IIC's quarterly journal. It reviews key developments in telecommunications and media policy, regulatory affairs, emergent ICT trends and, especially, the impact of the internet across the entire communications ecosystem.


Our Members come from boardrooms and senior strategic teams of regulators, telecoms operators, broadcasters, content providers, IT and network providers, lawyers and many more. Incumbents and new players alike benefit from the IIC’s diversity.


We hold at least five international events a year including the Annual Conference, the Telecommunications and Media Forum series and the International Regulators Forum, exclusively for regulators.

Latest InterMedia Articles

Members automatically receive InterMedia, the IIC's quarterly journal. It reviews key developments in telecommunications and media policy, regulatory affairs, emergent ICT trends and, especially, the impact of the internet across the entire ecosystem. InterMedia is a rich resource of articles, reports and interviews and the contents reflect the IIC's on-going discussion themes. Here are some open access articles available to read in full.

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