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Nicholas Blades

Director, Regulation, Competition and Data Policies, Telefónica

Nicholas Blades

Nicholas Blades is responsible for a multi-disciplinary regulatory team based in Madrid, Brussels and London; reporting to Telefónica’s Chief Policy Officer.  His responsibilities include sector regulatory frameworks, spectrum policy and specialist economic analysis.  Competition and data policy functions span mergers and Competition Law policies, copyright, data privacy and audio visual media services.

The future of the data economy, the trade-off between privacy and economic exploitation of data and its impact on existing industry sectors such as telecoms, is at the heart of the future competition framework and will affect how firms are regulated going forwards. This wide and varied role means that Nick and his team are dealing with some of the most challenging and relevant items on the regulatory agenda.  

Mr Blades joined O2 UK in 2004, moving to Telefónica SA in 2013 and has held variety regulatory management positions within the business, always with a strong strategic focus.

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