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Wednesday 09 october 2019

Trends and tipping points in converged communications at a time of exponential change
What are the enduring policy and regulatory concepts, and which have had their day, in a time of exponential technological, societal and economic change?


Tuesday 8 October
Opening Drinks Reception


Welcome & Opening Address

08:00 Registration

09:00 Welcome Address


09:15 SESSION 1: Reflections and predictions on converged communications and exponential change
  • Governance and the changing nature of regulation in the online world


11:00 Refreshments


11:30 SESSION 2: Digital transformation strategies - and realities - in developed and developing economies


13:00 Lunch


14:15 session 3: Digital infrastructure, innovation and investment – balancing supply and demand
  • Spectrum management - time for a re-think?


16:15 Refreshments


16:30: Choice of 3 Interactive Breakout Sessions:

BREAKOUT 1: Institutional reform of the regulatory landscape

BREAKOUT 2: Content rights and cross border eCommerce

BREAKOUT 3: Artificial Intelligence and machine learning – policy & regulatory approaches


17:45 End of day one

THURSDAY 10 october 2019


08:30 Registration


Session 4: Content and discontent in global markets


11:00 Refreshments


Session 5: Competition policy toward the telecoms, media and technology sector
  • Considering which policy options are most likely to deliver good outcomes in practice


13:00 Lunch

14:00: Choice of 3 Interactive Breakout Sessions:

BREAKOUT 1: Tackling disinformation and fake news / preserving independent journalism

BREAKOUT 2: Connecting the unserved when market and governments fail

BREAKOUT 3: Cybersecurity and the data economy in the IoT era: rules and tools of engagement


15:30 session 6: The next 5-10-50 years – technologist, economist and ethicist perspectives


16:45 Closing remarks

17:00 Close of conference


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