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MONday 7 october 2019

Redesigning regulation for a global communications ecosystem



Welcome & Opening Address

09:00 Registration

09:30 Welcome:
       Lindsey Fussell, Group Director, Consumer and External Relations, Ofcom, UK


09:45 OPENING SESSION: Regulatory snapshot – looking back, looking forward
  • The changing nature of content regulation
  • The changing nature of telecommunications regulation
  • The changing nature of competition policy

Chris Chapman, President, IIC


10:30 Break


10:45 session 1: Redesigning regulation for the global digital ecosystem: Regulatory policy across sectors
  1. Balancing privacy, innovation and competition – which regulator?
  2. Platform regulation as the future?
    1. Rules or principles? Which models work best for developing industries?
  3. Models for collaboration where digitalisation impacts industries regulated by various policies/regulations
    1. Addressing areas of overlap with non-TMT sectors e.g. fintech, healthcare
  4. Keeping up with continual developments in technology and commercial practices - what regulatory tools are there? What is needed?

Yih-Choung Teh, Group Director of Strategy and Research, Ofcom, UK


12:15 Lunch


13:15 session 2: Redesigning regulation for the global digital ecosystem: Cross-and trans- border regulatory policy
  1. What are the objects of communications regulation – has that changed?
  2. What are the challenges created by communications services that cross borders, and what are some of the remedies?
    1. Issues around data localisation
    2. National/regional/global concerns and solutions
  3. Models of collaboration
    1. Ex ante and ex post approaches

Lindsey Fussell, Group Director, Consumer and External Relations, Ofcom, UK


14:45 session 3: Harmonisation and security in a global communications ecosystem
  1. Developing skillsets to counter security threats – the regulators’ role
  2. Spam and malware
  3. Security by design and preventing data theft – the communications regulator’s place in the process
  4. Critical infrastructure security: undersea cables and satellites or fibre?
  5. Personal and industrial privacy: data regulations in a communications regulator’s world?

Mansoor Hanif, Chief Technology Officer, Ofcom, UK


16:15 Break


16:30 session 4: Competition policy in the online world: Is there a need to adapt to respond to the challenges of digitalisation?
  1. Do ‘traditional’ market definitions stand in an online world?
  2. Examining the challenge of platform dominance – a temporary issue created by dynamic markets?
  3. Is the concept of consumer harm still valid in the online world?: E.g Search as an instrument of market power rather than an instrument of consumer choice and convenience?
  4. Is net neutrality an issue for competition policy?
  5. Collaboration between communications regulators and competition authorities

Dr Luisa Affuso, Chief Economist, Ofcom, UK


18:00 End of day one

18:15 Dinner for IRF attendees only, kindly hosted by Ofcom (pre-booking required)


TUESDAY 8 october 2019


09:15 Registration

09:30 SESSION 5: Critical issues for the democratic process: the communications regulator’s role for digital literacy
  1. Case studies: Experiences of regulatory authorities in the field of media and digital literacy
  2. Harmful content (e.g. misinformation) and its impact on the democratic process
  3. Protection of minors and vulnerable groups
  4. Advertising and promotion – the role of ‘influencers’ and other modes of promotion
  5. Copyright
  6. Is there a role for public service broadcasters?

Kevin Bakhurst, Group Director, Content and Media Policy, Ofcom, UK


11:00 session 6: Creating the right market conditions for investment
  1. Stimulating demand for services: case studies
  2. Financing infrastructure
    1. State aid or PPP or the encouragement of private investment: who holds the purse strings?
  3. The reality of ubiquitous coverage
    1. White spaces
    2. Integration of fixed and wireless

Philip Marnick, Group Director, Spectrum, Ofcom, UK


12:30 Close and Lunch


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