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Governments and the Internet of Things

International Institute of Communications, US Chapter

Wednesday 17 january 2018

hosted at the Verizon technology and Policy center

A brief synopsis...

This was an informal roundtable discussion with the aim to understand better how different governments view the Internet of Things, what opportunities they see, and what policies under consideration are needed to address potential challenges, both to market opportunities and industry protections.

Covering everything from Mirai botnets to 5G to the Internet of Toys and much more, the conversation was most lively, as evidenced by the breadth and depth of questions and interventions. This exceptionally interactive meeting resulted in great feedback and a desire to continue the discussion.

Discussion Catalysts

Melissa Glidden Tye, Vice President, Public Policy, Verizon
Andrea Glorioso, Counselor (Digital Economy/Cyber), Delegation of the European Union to the U.S.
John Godfrey, SVP, Public Policy, Samsung Electronics America
Andrew Haire, consultant, former telecom regulator of Singapore, and head of the IIC's US chapter
Anderson Heiman, Senior Advisor for Technology and Trade, Senator Ron Wyden's office
Michael R. Nelson
, Public Policy, Cloudflare

The meeting was conducted under the Chatham House Rule which was again reinforced with the honest and candid discussion and comments delivered on this subject, and its warnings about with the future.



  • Thursday, 04 January 2018

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