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New Developments in Communications Law and Policy

Shaw Centre, Ottawa
14 AND 15 NOVEMBER 2017

IIC Canadian Chapter Annual Conference

The annual conference of the Canadian Chapter of IIC (IIC Canada) was held at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa on November 14 & 15, 2017. This, the 15th annual IIC Canada conference, was the first to adopt a new format, that of the “Communications Law and Policy” conference which had previously been sponsored by the Law Society of Upper Canada. In addition to the expert panel discussions and keynote presentations typical of IIC Canada conferences, this format provided delegates with in-depth research papers, continuing professional development (CPD) credits for lawyers, and complimentary copies of the Canadian regulatory law and policy handbooks (prepared biennially by McCarthy Tétrault LLP). IIC Canada plans to continue to offer this format biennially, while continuing its traditional conference format in even years, focusing more on communications policy, politics and industry trends.

The new conference format proved to be very successful. It attracted 284 delegates, more than either IIC Canada or Law Society Conferences in recent years. Delegates included a mix of regulatory staff from the major government institutions (CRTC, ISED, Canadian Heritage, the Competition Bureau, etc.), lawyers, communications industry executives, principally in the regulatory and GR areas, consultants, academics and other industry stakeholders. Twelve accredited media reporters attended and the conference was televised by CPAC, the Canadian Cable Public Affairs Channel for broadcast on its main channel and permanent web-archiving on its site.

The conference was organized by a small working committee consisting of IIC Canada chair, Hank Intven and treasurer, Jim Patrick, together with board members Grant Buchanan and Laurence Dunbar. Grant and Laurie played the key role of co-chairing the program steering committee, which selected program topics, recruited most speakers and commissioned relevant research papers. IIC Canada Administrator, Donna Lachance, working with Jim Patrick turned the conference from a great idea into a high quality experience – of broadcast quality – with good networking opportunities for the Canadian communications policy and regulatory players.

Keynote speakers included new CRTC Chair Ian Scott, U.S. FCC Commissioner (and former General Counsel) Brendan Carr, and trade experts, Sarah Goldfeder and Colin Robertson, who discussed implications of the Trump-inspired renegotiation of NAFTA for communications and other sectors in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.

Panels of experts discussed the following topics, (many of which were the subject of research papers provided online to conference delegates):

  • Regulating "Uncivil Discourse" on the Internet: Defamation, Hate Speech, and Fake News
  • Copyright Act Reform: Key Issues for the Five-Year Review
  • Privacy and Big Data
  • Internet Piracy
  • Canadian Courts and Internet Jurisdiction
  • The Impact of New Legal Technologies on the Legal Profession
  • Surveillance and Cyberattacks
  • The CRTC's Enforcement Regimes

Feedback from delegates, including survey results, has been very positive, and we look forward to repeating the event in the future.

Keynote Speakers

Brendan Carr

Brendan Carr

Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission (FCC), USA

Grace Koh (Ambassador)

Grace Koh (Ambassador)

US Representative to the International Telecommunication Union World Radio Conference (ITU WRC-2019) and Head of Delegation

Ian Scott

Ian Scott

Chairperson and CEO, Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)


Discussion Themes 

Copyright Law Review


Five years following the amendments of the Copyright Act, triggers a mandatory five-year review. The key issues will be analysed.

Fake News and Regulation of Internet Content


How lawyers, the courts, Internet service providers, web site managers and others should deal with defamation, hate speech and intentionally circulated false news.

Law in the Internet Era

law in the internet era

A consideration of the reach of Canadian and foreign courts over the provision of multi-jurisdictional Internet services.


Piracy of Digital Products and Services


Developments involving virtual private networks, set-top boxes and other means of circumventing previously agreed rights.

Privacy Law Developments


The Office of the Privacy Commissioner's consultation on the meaning of "consent" in digital services, legislative changes and diverging policies in the U.S. and Europe. 

Surveillance and Cyberattacks

surveillance and cyberattacks

The Government of Canada's cyber security consultations, reconsideration of Bill C-51, and cyber security issues in the era of ransomware and the IoT. 



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