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IIC Italian Chapter - Annual General Meeting and Upcoming Events


AGCOM, rome

On February 5th 2019 the Members of the IIC - Italian Chapter held their Annual General Meeting at the Agcom venue in Rome.

After the approval of the annual budget, the President reported on the meeting which took in place in London on 15th January, where some relevant topics were discussed.

In particular: a) the relationship between IIC Global and the Italian Chapter, including individual membership and the new Young Professional Category; b) the joint initiative amongst the three European Chapters Italy/UK/Brussels to develop a series of events, starting this year, with a common subject, the Reform of the Electronic Communications Code in Europe. It will start from Brussels in March (at the TMF), followed by Rome and London (December).

After the discussion, it was suggested that the Italian event, which is to be held in Rome on the 17th July, would focus on the Regulation in favor of the wholesale-only model, with particular attention to the possible impact on the Single Network debate in Italy, and on BEREC, and the relationship with the national authorities.

The event will be hosted by Rai, the Italian public broadcaster, who also realeased a video to celebrate the 50 Years of the IIC, on the occasion of the Third Edition of the Preto Prize, supported by all major national companies and Agcom. In this regard, a tender for the award of the Youth Preto Prize has already been published.

Moreover, the President reported about a signed agreement between the Italian Chapter and the European University of Rome. The IIC will support the Law Faculty and the InnoLawLab Laboratory in particular, through a series of lessons on Digital Transformation and Data Economy and eventually an open workshop on the same topic jointly organized with European University of Rome, open to interested audience and national firms active in this area.

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