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International Regulators Forum

International Regulators Forum

The IIC International Regulators' Forum (IRF) is the world's only independent international membership body bringing together statutory regulators in the communications and media industries to discuss issues of direct relevance and share experiences and approaches within a unique, but relatively informal, learning environment.

International Regulators Forum 2014 International Regulators Forum 2014

Hosted by RTR
Key Themes for 2014
  • Regulatory harmonisation
  • Balancing public, social and economic good
  • Looking for sustainability
  • Evaluating data use with the desire for economic progress


Regional Regulators Forum Miami 2016 Regional Regulators Forum Miami 2016

Hosted by Squire Patton Boggs
  • Evolving for the converged ecosystem: regulatory tools required
  • Competition or market failure
  • Regional integration

International Regulators Forum 2015 International Regulators Forum 2015

Hosted by the FCC
Key Themes for 2015
  • Competition and market failure
  • Consumer and citizen protection in a convergent world
  • Reducing the digital divide, increasing access
  • Regulatory innovation: evolving for change

International Regulators Forum 2013 International Regulators Forum 2013

Hosted by Ofcom
key Themes for 2013
  • Differential regulations for different platforms and services
  • International cooperation in an increasingly globalised ecosystem
  • Equality of access?
  • Disruptive services and technologies - the regulatory challenge


Regional Regulators Forum Miami 2015 Regional Regulators Forum Miami 2015

Hosted by Squire Patton Boggs llp
Key themes for 2015
  • The impact of the convergence of communications services
  • Making the transition to digital a success
  • Enabling access: building the backbone infrastructure

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