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A Dialogue on Sustainable Development Goals and the WSIS Review

A Dialogue on Sustainable Development Goals and the WSIS Review

IIC Annual Conference 2015 Workshop Sponsored by Microsoft,
Friday 9 October 2015

901 K St. NW, Washington, DC
Invitation only workshop for CPRW delegates

Sponsored by Microsoft and held at the Microsoft Innovation & Policy Center, Washington, DC

An insightful meeting, from multiple perspectives, the ‘Dialogue on Sustainable Development Goals and the WSIS Review’ at the Microsoft Innovation and Policy Center, Washington, DC, on Friday 9 October, came at  a timely moment, soon after the completion of the UN General Assembly Summit on the Sustainable Development Goals, and as the initial drafts of the WSIS+10 resolutions for the December Assembly are being developed. 

The workshop brought together, under the Chatham House Rule, senior level participants from the UN, the communications regulatory authorities from around the world, industry, academia, civil society and other relevant stakeholders. Within small structured groups, the meeting explored in detail some of the critical and practical issues of building capacity to increase access to and the use of ICTs, recognised as among the prime drivers for economic and social development, other challenges to bridging the digital divide, and the policy issues that will impact on the WSIS Review.

The meeting began with an update from H.E Janis Mažeiks, Ambassador at Permanent Mission of the Republic of Latvia to the United Nations, and Co-Facilitator of WSIS+10 Review who set the context, emphasizing ICT as being essential to enabling the SDG goals finalized at the recent UN Summit, and providing highlights of the process, issues for consideration, and inviting all to provide input.  Following discussion points raised by representatives of government, civil society and industry, key themes were explored in greater detail:

  • Policies for sustainable economic development. 
  • Examples of public/private partnerships and multistakeholder approaches in enabling the SDGs and the WSIS action lines.
  •  Capacity building in specific areas such as cybersecurity.

The Dialogue brought to a close a fantastic week of events and networking. The IIC thanks Microsoft for sponsoring and hosting this  event, enabling it to happen. 

To see the full programme click here.

Summary of the event available

Please click here to download.

The report formed one of the Statements taken as part of the Second Informal Interactive Stakeholder Consultation which was part of the Preparatory Process for the UN General Assembly’s review of the implementation of the outcomes of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). The Consultation was to collect responses to the WSIS+10 working document, released at the end of August 2015, and fed into the WSIS+10 Zero Draft Paper.

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Hana Alhashimi

Hana Alhashimi

Advisor to the Second Committee and Bilateral Affairs, Permanent Mission of the United Arab Emirates to the United Nations

Jānis Mažeiks (Ambassador)

Jānis Mažeiks (Ambassador)

Permanent Representative of the Republic of Latvia to the United Nations, and Co-Facilitator of WSIS+10 Review

Juan Carlos Hernandez Wocker

Juan Carlos Hernandez Wocker

General Coordination of International Affairs, IFT - Federal Institute of Telecommunications, Mexico

Lea Kaspar

Lea Kaspar

Head of Programmes and International Policy, Global Partners Digital

Matthew Shears

Matthew Shears

Director Global Internet Policy and Human Rights, Center for Democracy & Technology

Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell

Senior Director, Technology Policy, Microsoft Corporation

Peter Haynes

Peter Haynes

Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council, and Co-founder, Polyverse Corporation

Sally Shipman Wentworth

Sally Shipman Wentworth

Vice President, Public Policy, Internet Society


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