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Bathopi Luke

Director - Broadcasting Regulation, Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority

Bathopi Luke

Bathopi Luke is a professional engineer, currently working as Director of Broadcasting Regulation at Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority. He is charged with the responsibility of developing the broadcasting sector in Botswana within the confines of the Botswana legislation. His biggest passion is to see more operators and utilising technological advancements to re define broadcasting. He also advocates for more competition in the sector in order for the consumer to reap the benefits subsequent benefits of variety, affordability and quality of services. Some of his greatest achievement is the liberalisation of the broadcasting platforms in Botswana and ushering new services into the sector.

Mr Luke has also worked as a Telecommunications Compliance Director responsible for the monitoring of Quality of Service and Experience for telecoms mobile and fixed networks. He pioneered the formulation of fixed Broadband KPIs in response to customer demands. He has extensive experience working as a Telecommunications Engineer for 15 years, and amongst other things he worked on spectrum planning, spectrum assignment and spectrum monitoring. He was also responsible for the establishment of the Country Code Top Level Domain management system. His greatest achievement in the field include Planning and replanning of GE06 plan, the Replanning of the GSM 1800 band to make new assignment for LTE and leading WRC15 preparations.

Currently he sits on the National Professional Assessment Committee responsible for assessment of Engineers desiring to be recognised as Professional Engineers in Botswana.

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