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Gabriel Contreras Saldivar

President, IFT - Federal Institute of Telecommunications, Mexico

Gabriel Contreras Saldivar

Commissioner Gabriel Contreras Saldívar is President of the Federal Institute of Communications (IFT) in Mexico and is a professor at the Escuela Libre de Derecho (since 2009), where he lectures on subjects such as administrative, constitutional and civil law.

Commissioner Contreras Saldívar has served as Adjunct Advisor of Legislation and Regulatory Studies at the Legal Counsel of the Federal Executive branch in Mexico, where he also held the positions of Adjunct Advisor of Consultation and Constitutional Studies, and Adjunct Advisor of Control and Constitutional Litigation.

He was Technical Secretary and General Director at the Presidency Office, Legal General Director for Regulation and Consultation at the Institute for the Banking Savings Protection (IPAB), Liaison Director for the Health, Education, Labor, Fiscal, and Financial Sectors at the Federal Regulatory Improvement Commission, as well as Director of International Legal Assistance in the Attorney General's Office.

He is a lawyer from the Escuela Libre de Derechoin Mexico, and has a Masters Degree in Law, Economics and Public Policy from the Instituto Universitario Ortega y Gasset, Spain.

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