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Jake E Jennings

Executive Director, International External Affairs, AT&T

Jake E Jennings

Jake Jennings is Executive Director of International External Affairs in Washington DC, where he advances AT&T’s International market entry regulatory strategy and public polices, with an emphasis on Trade promotion, the Asia Pacific region, and Internet Policy.  Mr Jennings works closely with AT&T’s diverse business units, and the team of international external affairs advocates around the world.  

In addition to obtaining government approvals to allow AT&T to operate in a jurisdiction, other responsibilities include efforts towards market liberalisation, pro-competitive licensing procedures, reasonable compliance requirements, and polices to promote a secure and stable internet.  

Prior to joining AT&T in 2008, Mr Jennings had been an Associate Bureau Chief for the Federal Communications Commission focused on domestic and international broadband and internet policies.  He worked for the Chairman on a new healthcare telemedicine program, “Rural Health Care Pilot Program” and international issues, including Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and International Telecommunications Union).  His focus was on broadband deployment, network management, and universal service. He has previously he worked for a competitive local exchange company as Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Illinois Commerce Commission.  

He has a graduate degree in Economics from the University of Central Oklahoma.

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