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Mantas Martisius

Vice-President, The Radio and Television Commission of Lithuania

Mantas Martisius

Mantas Martisius is Vice-Chairman at the Radio and Television Commission of Lithuania, which regulates and supervises the activities of radio and television broadcasters, on-demand audiovisual media service providers falling under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Lithuania, re-broadcasters carrying their activities in the territory of Lithuania and other legal bodies providing distribution services of radio and television programmes on internet for the users in the territory of Lithuania.  

Mr Martisius was designated to the Commission by the President of Lithuania in 2013 and was appointed a vice-chairman by the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania in March 2017.

He is also an Associate professor in General J. Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania and Faculty of Communications of Vilnius University.

Mr Martisius’ scientific and educational activity consists of lecturing on information wars, propaganda, impact of information in the global world, theory of propaganda, theory of communications and media and commercial communications.

He graduated from the Vilnius University in 2000 with a Bachelor in Social Sciences, Master‘s degree in Journalism in 2002 and a Doctor‘s of Philosophy degree in 2007, the doctoral thesis "Impact of Information War on Lithuanian Mass Media (in the context of the Second Gulf War)".

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