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Nomvuyiso Batyi

Councillor, Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA)

Nomvuyiso Batyi

Nomvuyiso Batyi is serving a second term as one of nine Councillors of the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA). The ICASA Council is the accounting authority; it develops an overall strategy for the organization.

In her role at ICASA Ms Batyi’s core function is to ensure that regulations are developed within the legislative ambit governing broadcasting, electronic communications and other related legislation. Among the Council Committee projects she has led are: South African Table of Frequencies (2009), Carrier Pre-selection (2009), Interconnection and Facilities Leasing regulations (2010), Licensing of Mobile TV (2010), licensing of Broadcasters for self-provision of I-Electronic Communication Network Service (2010), Call Termination Rate and Wholesale Transmission Service (2011). In 2009/ 2010 Ms Batyi was seconded by the Council ICASA to serve on the Digital Dzonga Advisory Council (DDAC) an advisory body tasked to advise the Minister of Communications on how digital migration must be implemented in South Africa 2015.

Ms Batyi has held various positions in different organizations:  she has worked as an investigator for the Competition Commission of South Africa, then moved to ICASA where she began her career there as a manager : competition and was also the acting senior manager for policy analysis and development. Her roles and experience led her to be appointed as a non-executive director at the City of Joburg’s Metrobus, where she is also the Chairperson of the Social and Ethics Committee.

Ms Batyi has LLB and B.Proc degrees from University of Fort Hare.

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