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Implementing practical regulation in a cross-sectoral, cross-jurisdictional world

tuesday 12 february 2019


09:00    Registration

09.15    Welcome:
              Chris Chapman, President, International Institute of Communications
              Al-Ishsal Ishak, Chairman, The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission


09:30  Session 1: setting the scene: key issues to be considerED


10:00  session 2: global issues: connectivity and accessibility as key enablers of digital growth

•    Incentivising infrastructure build
•    Challenges of connectivity due to geography and demographics
•    Minimising the digital divide/addressing the SDGs


11:15 Refreshments


11:30 session 3: global issues; data flows, privacy, competition and (cyber) security
•    Data flows and data localisation – issues to be considered
•    Addressing concerns about privacy of individuals
•    Competition in the communications ecosystem: new models
•    Cybersecurity – what is both flexible and sustainable?
12:15 Lunch
 13:15 session 4: global issues: initiatives to empower the user: consumer protection, measurement and capacity building
•    Consumer protection: What information is put in place to help consumers
•    What are possible measurement systems being considered to ensure efficiencies?
•    Capacity building:  How does one build capacity within the organisation and out into industry and society – is ‘by design’ the answer?
 14:30 roundtable: what's happening in your jurisdiction to address the issues? what tools would you want to enable you to perform more effectively? what constitutes good regulAtory practice?

An opportunity to drill down into the key issues for your organisation and share experiences


16:00 Wrap up

16:30 Close



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