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Seint Seint Aye

Head of Spectrum Management, Post and Telecommunications Department, Myanmar

Seint Seint Aye

Seint Seint Aye is the head of Spectrum Management Division for the Posts and Telecommunications Department, the regulator of the Telecommunications Sector in Myanmar. She is mainly responsible for Planning, Management and Assignment of National Scare Resources (such as Spectrum, Telecom Numbers and Electronic Addressing).
Ms Aye previously worked for MPT (State-owned Telecom operator) as a regional engineer for PSTN telephone Switching Network and trainer in the training centre. She has been taking an important role in the reform of the  Telecom sector which ends the monopoly of telecom market and creates competitive telecom sector.

She holds a Masters Degree in Advanced ICT from University of Ritsumeikan University, Japan and a Masters Degree in Public Administration from SungKyunKwan University, South Korea.

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