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Young-sub Shim

Commissioner, Korea Communications Standards Commission

Young-sub Shim

Young-sub Shim was appointed Commissioner of the Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC) in January 2018.
Mr Shim has served as Adjunct Professor, Media Communication Department, Kyunghee Cyber University. He also served as Policy Committee, Center for Media Responsibility and Human Rights.

The Korea Communications Standards Commission is an independent statutory body and the regulator for both telecommunications and broadcasting sectors in the Republic of Korea.

The Korea Communications Standards Commission is committed to maintaining its efforts to safeguard the freedom of speech and expression while also working to strengthen the public accountability and fairness of broadcast content. We will continue to do all of this and more in order to secure a strong broadcasting service without compromising the quality of its content. The Korea Communications Standards Commission also regulates Internet communications content on the basis of ex post facto deliberation and strives to protect users and their rights while providing defamation dispute mediation and remedial services.

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