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Regional Regulators' Forum Miami 2014

Regional Regulators' Forum Miami 2014

monday 19 May 2014
Regional Regulators Forum (rRF) Miami


Hosted by Squire Patton Boggs LLP and Supported by the Inter-American Development Bank

The inaugural meeting of the Regional Regulators Forum brought together regulators from over 20 countries to discuss how regulatory policies that balance innovation and incentives for investment can be made effective, and  relevant. With most speakers and participants coming from the Caribbean and LatAm region, the meeting opened with a pre-recorded interview  with Roberto Viola, Deputy Director General, DG Connect, European Commission in discussion with Fabio Colasanti, IIC President.



Convergence and the issues it raises
Convergence and the issues it raises

How has convergence affected traditional forms of communication and what does convergence mean for the regulator at a practical level?

Developing a digital society for all
Developing a digital society for all

What role can the regulator play in the development and encouragement of national broadband plans/targets?


What is the impact of the digital dividend on digital broadcasting and can sufficiently robust measures be put in place?


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