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Wednesday 18 May 2016
18.30 - 20.00: Opening Reception, The Tiki Room, The Palms Hotel

The IIC extends a special thank you to Cisco supporting the reception



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Chris Chapman, President, International Institute of Communications

Ajit Pai, Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission


Demand stimulation – what applications and platforms are regulators, policy makers and industry collaborating on to effect the digital transformation of industry and civil society?

• Joined up thinking – taking the discussion beyond telecoms
• Examining projects in different sectors and their relationship with the digital agenda and national broadband plans – examples from e-Government, e-Health, e-Commerce, e-Education, e-Entertainment, e-Agriculture

Elena Scaramuzzi, Head, Latin America Telecoms and Media, Cullen International

Panellists include

  • Antonio López-Istúriz White, Member of the European Parliament
  • Juan Antonio Ketterer, Division Chief, Capital Markets and Finance, Inter-American Development Bank (IADB)
  • Ellen Blackler, Vice President Global Public Policy, The Walt Disney Company



Jeffery McElfresh, President of DIRECTV – Latin America, AT&T Inc.


Content futures, consolidation and the new converged ecosystem: How are regulators and industry balancing innovation and consumer demand in the region?

•    Where next for the OTT and level playing field debates?
•    Navigating the delicate balance between traditional services and new digital offerings
•    What’s the future for linear channels and basic packages?
•    How can public-private efforts to expand access to relevant, local content on the Internet be accelerated in developing countries and marginalized communities more generally?
•    What impact is consolidation having in the region?

Chris Chapman, President, International Institute of Communications
Ambassador Daniel A Sepulveda, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, US Department of State

Panellists include 

  • Paula Karol Pinha, Director of Public Policy, Latin America, Netflix
  • Javier Tejado Dondé, Vice President, Grupo Televisa
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  • Manuel Kohnstamm, Senior Vice President and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Liberty Global
  • David Geary, General Counsel Caribbean, Digicel Group
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  • Alejandra de Iturriaga Gandini, Director for Telecommunications and Audiovisual Sector, Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia (CNMC), Spain; CNMC representative for BEREC, Spain


13.20 Lunch - The IIC extends a special thank you to Ericsson for supporting the lunch.


Tackling piracy and IP protection in the region

• Which piracy ecosystems are the greatest threat in Latin America and in the Caribbean?
• Roles and responsibilities – regulators, cable / satellite operators, ISPs, advertising platforms, payment providers – what cooperative efforts are proving most effective in blocking access to pirated content? 
• Debating the effectiveness of administrative enforcement options, including 
   o imposition of fines 
   o suspension of business licenses 
• What new initiatives have been launched in the region?

Karim Lesina, Vice President, International External Affairs, EU, Caribbean, Central and Latin America, Trans-Atlantic Relations, AT&T
Dr Alfredo Rafael Deluque Zuleta, President, House of Representatives, Colombia
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Panellists include

  • Javier Figueras, Corporate Vice President Affiliate Sales, HBO Latin America Group
  • Pascal Métral, Vice President Legal Affairs, NAGRA Kudelski; Co-executive Director, Alianza contra Piratería de Televisión Paga
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  • Doris A Madrid Lezama, Deputy Commissioner, National Telecommunications Commission (CONATEL), Honduras
  • J. Todd Reves, Intellectual Property Attaché for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, US Patent & Trademark Office
  • Nievia Ramsundar, Company Secretary, Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT)
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Growing STEM skills to drive ICT innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean – cross fertilization between public administration, industry and academia

• Where in the region is the ICT talent-deficit most apparent and what is being done about it? 
• Where are the pockets of success and what strategies are transferable across the regions?
• How to attract strong ICT talent and skills to government agencies, and create a culture of innovation
• Removing barriers to talent flow – particularly between public and the private sector

Diego Molano Vega, Digital Transformation Consultant, Innovando LLC, USA

Panellists include

  • Senator Juan Gerardo Flores Ramírez, Secretary of Communications and Transportation Commission, Senate of the Republic, Mexico
  • Rodrigo de la Parra, Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean, ICANN
  • Dr Daniel Manfredo, Territory Manager for Central America and Caribbean Countries, Intel
  • Pedro Julio Uribe-Bermúdez, Senior Director Latin America, Microsoft



Dinner at The Dutch Restaurant 

The IIC extends a special thank you to Liberty Global supporting the dinner.


FRIDAY 20 MAY 2016

Chris Chapman, President, International Institute of Communications

Ulf Pehrsson, Vice President Government & Industry Relations, Ericsson

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Fiscal policy, economics and universal service funding: building certainty and incentives to promote investment in the digital ecosystem as a whole

•    Examples of tax policy decisions which might have a marked impact on converged communications investment
•    Innovative tax arrangements which will stimulate services and applications to improve social inclusion and to improve competitiveness and productivity
•    What kind of regulatory and policy reform / innovation could maximize the performance of Universal Service Obligation (USO) funds so they are fit for purpose in today’s converged world?
•    Given the prevalence of wireless, can and should there be a regulatory provision of “universal service bands” in terms of spectrum resources to complement the USO funds?
•    Should these levies be discontinued?

Andres Maz, Executive Director Advanced Technology Policy, Cisco

Panellists include

  • Dr Héctor Huici, Secretary for Information Technology and Communications, Ministry of Communications Argentina
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  • Luciano Charlita de Freitas, Regulatory Specialist, National Telecommunication Agency (ANATEL), Brazil
  • José Juan Haro, Director LATAM Public Policy and Wholesale Business, Telefónica, S.A.
  • Roslyn Layton, PhD, Fellow, Aalborg University
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  •  Marcelo Mejias, Head of Regulatory Intelligence, TIM Brasil


Spectrum updates – best practice coordination, licensing, efficiency and management in the region

•    Debating approaches to achieving a harmonized approach to band plans and spectrum management in the region
•    License renewal conditions – what are the regulatory approaches to ensure certainty, continuity of service and investment?
•    Latin American positions and priorities post WRC-15
•    Bridging the digital divide and spectrum sharing – what innovative means are being adopted to exploit underused spectrum bands and improve broadband coverage in rural areas?
•    Preparations for the advent of Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G

Jose Luis Ayala, Head of Government and Industry Relations for Latin America, Ericsson
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Panellists include

  • Mindel De La Torre, Chief of the International Bureau, Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
  • Sebastián Kaplan, Director of Regulatory Affairs LATAM, Millicom
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  • Adriana Labardini Inzunza, Commissioner, IFT - Federal Institute of Telecommunications, Mexico
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  • Maryleana Méndez Jiménez, Member of the Board, Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones (SUTEL), Costa Rica
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  • Sebastián M Cabello, Director, GSMA Latin America
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13.00 Lunch
The IIC extends a special thank you to Ericsson for supporting the lunch.


Network infrastructure and connectivity – sustainable business, policy and regulatory models to stimulate innovation and investment

• Update from IDB on latest infrastructure projects – including:
      o Critical infrastructure protection
      o Data centres
• Active and passive infrastructure sharing initiatives – how do regional experiences compare with global benchmarks on capex and opex costs, network coverage and competitive effects?
• How should regulators and policy-makers balance investment incentives against mandatory sharing objectives? Which works best, in what circumstances?
• The role of federal government and municipalities to facilitate and fund broadband investment in fixed and mobile networks
• What impact do National Broadband Plans have on penetration and take-up?
• Rural access - should alternative, potentially disruptive technologies be pursued or are they distractions from the most economical and scalable means of delivering broadband access?


Antonio Garcia-Zaballos, Telecommunications Lead Specialist - Leader of the Broadband Programme, Institutions for Development (IFD), Capital Markets and Finance (CMF), Inter-American Development Bank

Panellists include

  • Ing. Luis Andrés Montes Bazalar, Technical Secretary FITEL, Ministry of Communications and Transport, Peru
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  • Alejandro Cantú Jiménez, General Counsel & Chief Regulatory Officer, América Móvil
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  • Juan Manuel Wilches, Commissioner, Commission for Communications Regulation, Colombia
  • Elizabeth Rojas Levi, Director Public Policy, America Region, Nokia Corporation
  • Andrea Giuricin, Adjunct Professor in Public Finance and Mobility Management, University Milano Bicocca
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  • Olivier Puech, CEO Latin America, American Tower Corporation


Closing remarks
Chris Chapman, President, International Institute of Communications

16.00 End of Forum


Forum presentations are on the record but subsequent discussions are under the Chatham House Rule. *The Chatham House Rule applies to Telecommunications and Media Forum discussions. The Rule also covers tweets and other social network messages during and after the meeting.

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"When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed."


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