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Regional Regulators' Forum Miami 2017

23rd may 2017
hosted by squire patton boggs llp
supported by the inter-american development bank

Monica ArinoMonica Arino of Ofcom shares her impressions of the event

The Regional Regulators’ Forum took place on 23 May and we enjoyed the company of 24 regulators from 20 countries from primarily, the Latin American region and the Caribbean. There was also representation from Europe, Africa and of course the US. Some government representatives from Latin America also attended. IIC meetings are informal and are carried out under the Chatham House Rule.
The RRF (my first in Miami) was very good. Open, honest and interactive discussion and a really conducive environment (thanks Squire Patton Boggs for the space!). We had a really lively and stimulating discussion.

We covered lots of ground. The converged regulatory model seems to be prevailing with some countries already there (Mexico, Argentina) and others on their way (Colombia, Bermuda).

Net Neutrality (and zero rating) tops many agendas and remains controversial (even within authorities).

You won’t be surprised to learn that the themes we discussed are similar to those being discussed in Europe. Namely,

  • competition,
  • the challenges to promote investment in a sustainable form (lots of support from the Inter-American Development Bank)
  • supporting 5G,
  • regulating OTTs
  • consumer protection,
  • neutrality,
  • fake news

And to me I suppose there were three themes that emerged throughout and that perhaps have interest to all. 

Need for pragmatism

The first one which you know, is coming to us all, was the need to adapt or fail. I think it was very, very clear throughout the day that the regulatory frameworks risk becoming obsolete. Some of them are pretty obsolete already and regulators themselves, as well as the frameworks, need to adapt.
As well as that, I think there’s a general understanding that we, as regulators, need to be flexible and pragmatic in our approaches. And this is the best way to deal with the challenges of a complex environment particularly when we think about the online space.

And finally, we talked at great length about the importance of enforcement and what that means in practice and the challenges that we all face trying to follow through, I suppose with some of our policies and how both formal processes as well as more informal processes help discipline markets. For example, raising awareness and more industry and consumers around who are the best and the worst performers. The sort of name and shame approach.

Finally, I suppose I want to say that certainly for Ofcom, that collaboration is essential. We value the exchanges we have and know that there is a lot that we learn from the successes, as well as the failures, elsewhere. IIC meetings provide a unique opportunity to learn more and hear what industry, and consumers in particular have to say.

key discussion themes

Compliance, enforcement and sanctions: case studies
Compliance, enforcement and sanctions: case studies

What metrics can the regulator use to evaluate the economic and social benefits of its regulation?

Consumer and citizen protection in a convergent world
Consumer and citizen protection in a convergent world

What is the balance to be struck between regulation and liberalisation?

The demands of convergence: Adjusting the regulatory framework
the demands of convergence: adjusting the regulatory framework

Are the traditional objectives of regulation redundant, or will certain issues always remain?



Alee Fa'amoe

Alee Fa'amoe

Acting CEO & Executive Director ICT, OfReg, Cayman Islands (SNRF)

Anthony Clayton (Prof)

Anthony Clayton (Prof)

Chairman, Broadcasting Commission Jamaica (SNRF)

Germán Darío Arias Pimienta

Germán Darío Arias Pimienta

Executive Director, Commission for Communications Regulation of Colombia (CRC)

Giuliano De Vita

Giuliano De Vita

Senior Advisor to Commissioner Antonio Martusciello, Authorità per le Garanzie nelle comunicazioni (AGCOM), Italy

Heber Damian Martinez (Dr)

Heber Damian Martinez (Dr)

Director, Ente Nacional de Comunicaciones (ENACOM), Argentina

José Raúl Solares Chíu

José Raúl Solares Chíu

Superintendent, Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones (SIT), Guatemala

Katrina Naut

Katrina Naut

Executive Director, Dominican Institute of Communications (INDOTEL)

Mario Germán Fromow Rangel

Mario Germán Fromow Rangel

Commissioner, IFT - Federal Institute of Telecommunications, Mexico

Monica Ariño

Monica Ariño

Director Regulatory Affairs, BT Group

Shana Willie-Matoorah

Shana Willie-Matoorah

Director/Secretary, National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC), Saint Lucia

networking, hosts and other events


A reception was held on the evening of 23 May at The Palms Hotel.  All delegates were invited.


TMF Miami
tmf miami

The Telecommunications and Media Forum will follow the RRF on 24 & 25 May at the Palms Hotel. 


Supported by the Inter-American Development Bank, the RRF is delighted to be guests of Squire Patton Boggs in their offices


Miami Workshop

25 may 2017
The Palms Hotel, Miami Beach




On the morning of May 25, the IIC organised a breakfast workshop to look at the key issues to be considered when creating a responsible and sustainable advertising policy framework. With the Seminar on Advertising Self-Regulation among APEC Economies held in Peru in August last year, this workshop was a unique opportunity to share perspectives and insights from industry and policy makers and consider regulatory practice in other jurisdictions.

Conducted under the Chatham House Rule, and with simultaneous translation (Spanish and English).

Click here for confirmed speakers and the programme.

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