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Shana Willie-Matoorah

Director/Secretary, National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC), Saint Lucia

Shana Willie-Matoorah

Mrs Willie-Matoorah is a Senior Attorney-at-Law with sixteen years of practice; fourteen of which have been spent in the telecommunications industry. For the past six years Mrs Willie-Matoorah serves the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission in Saint Lucia as its Director/Secretary. Mrs Willie-Matoorah also served as in-house Legal Counsel to NTRC for a five year period from 2003- 2008. During a three year period of detachment from the Commission, Mrs Willie-Matoorah established a private practice with a fellow Senior Attorney-at-Law and currently remains a Partner in the Law Firm, Willie-Trotman, Matoorah & Co.

In Mrs Willie-Matoorah’s capacity as the Director/Secretary to the Commission, she is responsible for the efficient conduct and management of the Commission and its Secretariat. She also provides legal advice and support to all the operations of the Commission, advises on the formulation of policies and strategies for carrying out the responsibilities of the Commission under its enabling main and subsidiary legislation, coordinates and assists in the representation of the Commission litigation or arbitration, provides direction to ensure that the procedures and operations of the Commission are in accordance with the legislation, provides direction for the preparation of technical and policy documents on telecommunications matters, engages in the acquisition of such external expertise as may be necessary for the accomplishment of the Commission’s objectives and engaging in adequate and effective liaison with such related national, regional, and international agencies in the course of executing the Commission’s mandate.

Mrs Willie-Matoorah has attained a law degree with honours-LLB (Honours), post-graduate qualifications, firstly as a graduate of Law School-L.E.C, and followed by a Master’s Programme with merit-LLM (Merit). At Masters level, she pursued a Telecommunications Law specialisation in addition to a Corporate Finance and Management, Intellectual Property over the Internet and Regulation and Infrastructure of Arbitration.

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