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IIC/TRPC Forum: Opportunities for Blockchain beyond Fin Tech

IIC Singapore – TRPC Forum: Blockchain and its Applications

8 march 2017
PayPal Singapore, Innovation Lab, Level 7, 5 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec Tower 5, Singapore 038985 

A ‘blockchain’ (or distributed digital ledger) is potentially a major disruptive disintermediating technology in the making. A distributed digital ledger records all transactions online so their history is transparent and available to anyone at any time through connected devices. All participants can query in real time the validity of a new transaction. So the ‘crowd’ replace a ‘central authority’ for authentication. Each device can store its own updated copy of the ‘ledger’. Each ‘block’ in the chain is a recording of current transactions that is added permanently to the previous blocks to form the chain.

Join us as our speakers and panellists explore these and related themes in the forum with presentations from those developing blockchains and those using blockchains.

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