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Ensuring competition, enforcement and access are just some of the challenges facing small nations

The IIC Forum for Small Nations will focus on the particular opportunities and constraints in media and communications regulation in countries with small populations and/or small economies and share experiences and ideas as to best practice.

For 2018 two online meetings will be held, with a physical meeting of the Forum ahead of the IIC’s International Regulators’ Forum to be held in Mexico. The 2018 meetings will be supported by the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica in 2018.

The Forum was created as a result of a recent invitation-only IIC meeting supported by OfReg, the multisector regulatory authority of the Cayman Islands. This meeting, held under the Chatham House Rule, discussed challenges facing small nations, with an emphasis on issues of connectivity. 

"We were delighted to have hosted the first ‘formal’ meeting of this important forum and look forward to playing an active part in its development."

Alee Fa’amoe, OfReg, The Cayman Islands and Chair of the 2017 Forum/Inaugural Meeting of the Forum

The value of being able to share experiences and remedies became clear at the meeting, and it was agreed that an ongoing Forum should be established under the auspices of the IIC. Countries with small populations and/or small economies tend to have similar problems in terms of ensuring competition, enforcement, access and geographical constraints.

"The consequences of making a mistake in the regulatory environment tend to be more extensive and severe in small nations. There’s a great deal of merit therefore, in a forum which allows us to discuss models and potential solutions.’"

Professor Anthony Clayton, Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica and Chair of the 2018 Forum

Countries that have small populations have similar needs, similar challenges and similar requirements as regulators in other countries, but in some cases, those challenges are exacerbated by economies of scale and sometimes geography.

"This group of stakeholders has very specific needs and the IIC is delighted to be enabling such an important development.’"

Andrea Millwood Hargrave, Director General, IIC

Visit Small Nations Regulatory Forum website to join or contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., November 2017


  • Wednesday, 29 November 2017

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