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Seminar: 5G—Exploring the known unknowns






ACMA seminar on:

Seminar: 5G—Exploring the known unknowns

TUESDAY 21 June 2016

The seminar was held at ACMA's Sydney office and video conferenced to ACMA's Melbourne and Canberra offices


IIC Australia event: 5G: Known unknowns, A global investor perspective on the 5G roadmap

During June the IIC Australia (IICA) co-hosted an event with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) in Sydney. The event, which was video conferenced to the ACMA's Canberra and Melbourne offices, attracted a large number of industry participants keen to hear presenter Andrew Entwistle from New | Street Research discuss implications, timing, obstacles and potential new business models for 5G.

Entwistle's presentation focused on a number of areas including the technical specifications of 5G, noting that the technology will rely on a range of techniques to achieve useable range and penetration including beamforming. He also highlighted that rather than replacing other frequencies, 5G is expected to co-exist with 4G networks in the long term. Existing business models will also be challenged with Entwistle predicting that the current cellular business model will not survive into the 5G era.

Of particular interest to Australian audiences was Entwistle's statement that telecom investors should ignore noise about 'the Internet of Things' (IoT) and 5G stating that reports 'distract attention from some of the more fundamental questions concerning 5G'. While telecommunications companies are talking about 5G and IoT linkages the technology is not predicted to replicate current spectrum licensing and management. Also, while there will be thousands more devices current telecommunications business models will not see increased average revenue per user. This was highlighted using the example of a hospital with thousands of connected devices that will still use the same internet connection to the premises.

In relation to Australia, Entwistle noted that like other countries it is a balancing act waiting to see what will happen and anticipating and preparing for what's ahead, noting that part of that related to getting the business models correct, wireless network density, standardisation and the possible substitution of wireless services.

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