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Telecommunications and Media Forum


Intimate but international events held regionally throughout the year. Members can attend free of charge, non-members pay a fee. Meetings are conducted under the Chatham House Rule.

TMF meetings are free to all members

Thailand Symposium 2018

Thailand Symposium 2018

hosted by The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), Thailand

10-11 september 2018
  • The Current Content Landscape and how content deleivery is changing
  • Enabling digital infrastaructure and facilitating growth
  • Building markets and answering user needs
  • Enpowering the digital user
Sydney 2018

Sydney 2018

3-4 JULY 2018
  • Regulatory principles
  • Content in global markets
  • Regulating for competition
  • Cyber-security in the post-truth, IoT era
  • NBN – what are the lessons learned?
  • Privacy protection: will the EU wave reach distant shores?
Miami 2018

Miami 2018

Supported by squire patton boggs
24-25 MAY 2018

Infrastructure, Investment and Innovation: policy and regulatory building blocks for the digital economy


  • Building an effective digital economy
  • Digital infrastructure and connectivity
  • Competition and investment
  • Aligning spectrum to innovation opportunities
  • Cloud computing and data centres
  • Cyber-security and critical infrastructure protection
Brussels 2018

Brussels 2018

Supported by bipt
24-25 aPRIL 2018

Artificial Intelligence and the future Digital Single Market


  • Upsides and downsides to AI
  • Competition policy
  • Trust, justice and equity
  • Cybersecurity in the age of AI
Asia 2018

Asia 2018

6-7 February 2018
  • Enabling rich interaction: communications and content
  • Cyber security and protection of critical infrastructure
  • Creating a robust data economy
  • What next for spectrum?

Plus, exclusively for regulators, the annual Regional Regulators' Forum on 5 February 2018

Washington 2017

Washington 2017

5 - 6 DECEMBER 2017
  • Global policy and regulation – evolving roles of inter-governmental agencies
  • Digital trade – What is needed to support seamless global services?
  • Connectivity enablers – Closing the gap in rural and urban coverage
  • Data privacy / security – How do we balance the competing principles of freedom, security and transparency?
  • Content futures – How are converged players responding?
  • Digital transformation – policy implications of the convergence of telecom and media platforms.
Miami 2017

Miami 2017

supported by at&t
24-25 may 2017
  • How might the new political and trade paradigm influence the digital transatlantic agenda?
  • What is required to drive the digital economy in urban and rural areas within the region?
  • OTT services and content: debating regulatory frameworks, fiscal arrangements, and consumer protection

 Plus, exclusively for regulators, the annual Regional Regulators Forum on 23 May 2017

Doha 2017

Doha 2017

supported by the CRA
21-23 March 2017

Policy and regulatory responses to drive digital innovation and competitiveness whilst safeguarding consumers and critical systems

Discussion Themes explored:

  • Stimulating sustainable investment in telecom and digital media
  • Competition - what interventions can the regulator undertake to drive competition?
  • Protecting the digital consumer
  • Digital content, OTT services and net neutrality principles
  • Digital economy – how to achieve the economies of scale in smaller emerging markets

Plus, exclusively for regulators, key policy challenges from around the globe, a working dinner on 21 March.

Washington 2016

Washington 2016

supported by verizon
29-30 november 2016

Implications of changes in technologies and global agreements for the policy and regulation of networks, platforms, services and the applications of the future

Discussion Themes Explored:

  • What does Election year mean for the telecom/media policy agenda?
  • Implications of Brexit and other key global ICT meetings
  • Transformational, yet-to-be-defined technologies : 5G, IoT, AI and SDN
  • Whither net neutrality?
Miami 2016

Miami 2016

supported by at&t
19-20 May 2016

Digital transformation in the emerging and developed american markets

Delegates discussed:

  • Public / private sector initiatives and collaboration to effect digital transformation
  • Fiscal policy and universal service funding needed to build certainty and attract investment
  • Sustainable business, policy and regulatory models to stimulate innovation and investment
  • Plus: spectrum and infrastructure updates for the region


Brussels 2016

Brussels 2016

Supported by bipt
16-17 March 2016

Creating the right conditions for digital products, networks and services to flourish in the Digital Single Market

Delegates discussed:

  • Progress of planning for the Digital Single Market
  • The DSM’s likely impact on Europe in terms of innovation and investment
  • Platform regulation in the converged, collaborative economy
  • Content regulation and privacy in the evolving digital environment
  • Consolidation and future regulatory strategy


Johannesburg 2015

Johannesburg 2015

supported by icasa
8-9 December 2015

Decision making to drive connectivity, accessibility and competitiveness

Delegates discussed:

  • Broadband infrastructure and connectivity
  • Spectrum futures
  • Demand side challenges and competition 
  • WSIS+10
Bangkok 2015

Bangkok 2015

supported by nbtc
7-8 July 2015

ASEAN Broadcasting Regulation Forum

Delegates from across the region met to discuss the transition to digital broadcasting, the impact on regulation and responses to the new media landscape

Yerevan 2015

Yerevan 2015

supported by nctr
28-29 June 2015

Communicating For Better Communication

Over 100 delegates came to gain insights in to evolving business models across the TMT ecosystem in EurAsia

Miami 2015

Miami 2015

supported by at&t
27-28 May 2015

Innovation, investment incentives and internet governance

We examined how new technologies are providing policy challenges for regulators in Central and South America and the Caribbean

Brussels 2015

Brussels 2015

supported by bipt
17-18 March 2015

The policy and regulatory roadmap for Europe and beyond...

Plans for the Digital Single Market, the development of the policy roadmap, and the impact operators in an increasingly-global ecosystem

Washington 2014

Washington 2014

supported by verizon
2-3 December 2014

Policy and regulation for the networks, platforms, services and applications of the future

We brought together members of the FCC, leaders of businesses and other regulatory bodies to discuss the policy roadmaps for America and the rest of the world

Miami 2014

Miami 2014

20-21 May 2014

Policy and regulatory choices for sustained investment and innovation

We examined growth opportunities and complex regulatory issues facing those in the Latin American and Caribbean markets

Brussels 2014

Brussels 2014

supported by bipt
11-12 March 2014

The Connected Continent

We looked at the telecom single market package and its implications for net neutrality and roaming, and examined policies around spectrum, the digital economy and the business case for cross border consolidation

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