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TRPC Forum Smart Cities

tuesday 19 May 2015

Level 22, Microsoft (NTUC Building), One Marina Boulevard

IIC Singapore, in cooperation with TRPC,organized a forum on Smart Cities in Singapore. This session followed Chatham House rules.

About the Forum

What is “smart” as in Smart City, Smart Nation? And how achievable are the aims of smart city developments? Are greenfield sites and brownfield sites totally different when it comes to building a smart city? What are the essential components, if any, of a smart city? Does ‘smart’ give a competitive advantage to a city in the world economy, or just make it a more convenient place to live and work? The social aims of a smart city are ultimately about improving the welfare of those who live and work there. Welfare can mean jobs, incomes and housing, education and health.

Welfare also implies a safe and clean environment, and an environment that balances the material needs of a city with the recreational needs of its citizens along with the diversity of nature. And, green without the fauna and flora that thrive in green environments is only a colour. But there are economic and political aims and ambitions involved. How much of what is “smart” is simply being adopted anyway by different sectors, such as transport, health, architecture, the use of AI and of data analytics? Singapore has opportunities to export ideas, expertise and tested technologies, and to showcase a Smart Nation.

Topics and Speakers included:

1. What do we mean by a Smart City? Dr Sekhar Kondepudi, Associate Professor of Smart Buildings and Smart Cities, NUS; Vice Chair of ITU Focus Group on Smart Sustainable Cities)
2. Supporting the emergence of a Smart Nation Aileen Chia, Deputy Director General, IDA Respondent: (TBC)
3. Regional perspective on Smart Cities: Gordon Falconer, Director, Smart Cities, Schneider Electric
4. Smart transport systems for Smart Cities: Bob Deiter, Vice-President, Strategic Opportunities, Cubic Transportation Systems (Australasia)

An expansive topic that covered a multitude of areas, such as:
  • Architecture and design
  • Monitors, sensors and telemetry 
  • Smart networks 
  • Big data analytics 
  • Legal frameworks 
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Building a smart ecosystem 
  • Standards

This forum aimed to set the stage by identifying ways to think smart about smart cities.



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