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Cara Webber

Senior Education Advisor, Office of the eSafety Commissioner, Australia

Cara Webber

As the Senior Education Advisor at The Office of the eSafety Commissioner, Cara provides strategic thinking and advice for the development and delivery of education programmes across multiple audiences, including the youth, parent, tertiary and health sectors. Cara’s work focuses heavily on improving digital literacy and media analysis skills, whilst providing context for the trends and motivations of behaviour in digital spaces. Cara has a particular interest in developing the leadership capacity of young people as pro-social influencers, enabling and encouraging them to contribute to the shaping of happy and healthy digital cultures….understanding that the more we can identify and understand the social influences and drivers at play in online cultures, the more able we are to shift attitudes and actions to the positive.

The Office is committed to helping Australians have safe and positive experiences online, providing a wide range of educational resources underpinned by evidence-based research and provide a complaints service for young Australians who experience serious cyberbullying and for reporting illegal content online. There is a complaints scheme for the reporting of image based abuse (the non-consensual sharing of explicit imagery) and the Office works in tandem with industry, education leaders, NGOs, the academic community and across Government to provide continued online safety awareness, outreach and support. The goal is to empower all Australians to explore the online world—safely.

With over 20 years in education, Cara commenced her career as an English and Psychology teacher and is a highly experienced and expert presenter in the field of well-being and digital citizenship.

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