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Héctor Huici (Dr)

ICT Secretary, Secretary of Modernisation, National Presidency, Argentina

Héctor Huici (Dr)

Dr Héctor Huici is ICT Secretary, Secretary of Modernisation, National Presidency, Argentina

Dr Huici has held positions in the public sector, working for both the National Telecommunications Commission, as well as the Energy Secretariat. In the private sector he specialised in the Telecommunications and Energy Sectors, as well as government regulated industries and has been partner of M&M Bomchil Law firm from 2005 till 2013

Prior to serving as Secretary of Communications and Information Technologies since January 2016, he held the position as chair in the City of Buenos Aires Legislature for three years.

Dr Huici holds teaching positions at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels at various education providers and Universities. His research has led him to be published in prestigious local and international peer reviewed journals.

Dr Huici graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from University of Buenos Aires in 1989 and a Master's degree in Administrative Law, from Austral University in 1992.

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