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WEDNESDAY 15 May 2019


09:00 Registration

09.15 Welcome
         Andrea Millwood Hargrave, Director General, International Institute of Communications


09:20  Session 1: Regulating the Content Market

  • What are the competition/merger/share of voice issues and how can they be addressed in a transnational marketplace?
  • How will changes to intellectual property and copyright licensing impact TV content delivered by our Cable TV operators?
  • Is there a need for national content providers and, if so, who will pay for them?


10:50 Refreshments


11:00  Session 2: Promoting digital inclusion and deployment of infrastructure

  • Minimising the digital divide/addressing the SDGs
  • Has the regulator got the right tools to bring in investment?
  • How does the geopolitical situation (such as arguments against using certain equipment manufacturers) affect telecom operators and national infrastructure projects? What can a regulator do?
  • Bringing a project to fruition: measuring the KPIs


12:30 Lunch


13:30  Session 3: Disaster/Emergency Preparedness & the Role of the Regulator

  • What role does the regulator play in making sure communications services work in a disaster situation?
  • How does the regulator determine priorities and create appropriate regulations, especially in a mobile-first world?
  • What powers would a regulator need to deploy in a natural disaster, and how does that differ from other emergency situations?


15:00 Refreshments


15:15  Session 4: Roundtable: Connectivity and WRC 19 – an opportunity to compare notes

Most countries are in the same zone for radio.

  • What are the key concerns?
  • What approaches are being taken for the advent of 5G and Digital TV?


16.30 Wrap up and close

18.30  Drinks reception at The Palms Hotel - pre-booking required

All sessions will have Spanish/English simultaneous translation to ensure maximum participation from all.
Para garantizar la activa participación de todos, todas las sesiones contarán con interpretación simultánea español/inglés.


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