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Stephen Unger (Dr)

Senior Advisor, Flint Global, UK; Director, International Institute of Communications

Stephen Unger (Dr)

Dr Stephen Unger was until recently a Board member of Ofcom, the UK regulator responsible for digital communications. He had various responsibilities, including setting regulatory strategy for the UK, representing the UK internationally, and leading Ofcom’s technology programme. For a period he was Acting Chief Executive.

Before becoming a regulator Dr Unger spent several years in the private sector. He worked for a variety of high-tech start-ups who were developing and exploiting new wireless technologies.
Dr Unger's current focus, working both as a consultant and as an academic researcher, is on the practical implications of disruptive technology change.
He has served as a non-executive Board member for several organisations. Some have been responsible for promoting international collaboration on public policy (BEREC, the IIC), others the commercial application of technology (The Geospatial Commission, Cambridge Wireless, Assia Inc).
For more background see Dr Unger can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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