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Tālis Linkaits

Minister of Transport of the Republic of Latvia

Tālis Linkaits

Tālis Linkaits was appointed Minister for Transport of the Republic of Latvia in January 2019.  He also was appointed a Member of the 13th Saeima on 6 November 2011.

Mr Linkaits was previously Head of VASAB (Vision&Strategies Around the Baltic Sea) Secretariat  for both the State Regional Development Agency (2006-2018) and the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (2006). He has held a number of other senior positions in the Ministry of Economics, as well as at the SJSC “Privatization Agency”. Mr Linkaits was also a consultant and project manager for Development Cooperation Projects in Serbia, Montenegro, Algeria, Libya, Moldova, Kosovo (2001-2009). In addition Mr Linkaits has been a freelance advisor to the Minister of Transport on Strategic Issues (2009-2010) and, before that, to the Prime Minister on Public Administration (1999-2000).

Mr Linkaits also has held several corporate governance positions including, most recently, as Independent Member of the Council for SJSC “RIGA International Airport”, (2016-2018) and with various airline-related companies.

He is a graduate in Economics with a Speciality in Economic and Social Planning from the University of Latvia.

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