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TUESDAY 5 December 2017

08:15 Registration and networking

09:10 Welcome
Andrew Haire, Vice President, International Institute of Communications
Jacquelynn Ruff, Vice President, International Government Relations and Policy, Verizon Communications

09:30 keynotes

09:30 Grace Koh, Special Assistant to President for Technology, Telecoms and Cybersecurity, National Economic Council

10:00 Ajit  Pai, Chairman, Federal Communications Commission

10:30 Thomas M Dailey, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Verizon International


11:00 Break


11:15 PANEL ONE: Global policy & regulatory environment – country / REGIONAL updates

Ambassador David A Gross, Partner, Wiley Rein LLP

•    Regional regulatory snapshot – objectives and priorities for regulators and policy makers as they adapt to the pace of convergence and digital transformation
•    Notable outcomes from, and preparations for, key global stakeholder meetings this year and next
•    Evolving roles of inter-governmental agencies in telecom / internet / content regulation and policy

Leonardo Euler de Morais, Commissioner, Anatel, Brazil

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Rajan S. Mathews, Director General, Cellular Operators Association of India
Botlenyana Mokhele, Councillor, ICASA, South Africa

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Elena Scaramuzzi, Head Of Americas Telecoms, Media And Digital Economy, Cullen International

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13:00 Lunch


14:00 PANEL ONE (continued): Global policy & regulatory environment – industry / civil society INSIGHTS

Boutheina Guermazi, Practice Manager, Information and Communication Technologies, The World Bank

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Paul Mitchell, Senior Director, Technology Policy, Microsoft Corporation
Dr Robert Pepper, Head, Global Connectivity Policy and Planning, Facebook

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Alice Munyua, Founder, Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet)

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Brett Solomon, Executive Director, Access Now 

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15:30 Lunch 

15:45 PANEL TWO: Connectivity enablers - addressing the digital divide

Howard J Symons, Partner, Jenner & Block LLP

•    Closing the gap in rural and urban coverage
•    Pragmatic approaches to wireline and wireless infrastructure policy and regulation at the federal / state / municipal level
•    Spectrum policy updates – relieving the burden on cellular networks
•    Investor perspectives - “connectivity needs to make good business sense”

Jeff Blum, Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, DISH
Brian Hendricks, Head of Policy and Public Affairs, Americas Region, Nokia    
Mike Saperstein, Vice President, Federal Regulatory, Frontier Communications
Paul de Sa, Partner, Quadra Partners LLC

17:45 End of day one followed immediately by drinks reception at Verizon 

WEDNESDAY 6 December 2017

08:15 Registration and networking

09:15 Welcome

09:30 keynotes

09.30      Terrell McSweeny, Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission
Given its dual mandate with regard to competition and consumer protection, the Federal Trade Commission has an interest both in fostering innovation and in ensuring that new technologies protect consumers’ privacy and data.  Commissioner McSweeny will discuss the importance of promoting a competitive global internet ecosystem and the strengths and limitations of antitrust enforcement in this area.  She will also talk about facilitating data flows in the face of different data and privacy norms and protections across jurisdictions. Finally, Commissioner McSweeny will explain why protecting consumer privacy and data security is good for consumers and good for businesses.

10.00      Brendan Carr, Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission

10.30      Robert L. Strayer, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Cyber and International Communications
and Information Policy, US Department of State
DAS Strayer will discuss his role in promoting a global digital economy that is open and interoperable as well as secure and reliable.  Privacy and cybersecurity have increasingly become two of the most important policy elements influencing the growth of the digital economy – without them, the benefits of moving information across borders and to and from the “cloud” would not be possible.  Sitting at the confluence of these issues, DAS Strayer will describe the complex and evolving policy landscape around these vital issues for telecom and media decision-makers, describing the United States perspective and priorities moving forward.


11:00 Break


11:15 PANEL THREE: Privacy and security enablers - how we balance the competing principles of freedom and security?

Clete Johnson, Partner, Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP

•    Data privacy / security conundrum - is it possible to be secure without giving up some privacy?
•    Interoperability of privacy policies - impact of recent and forthcoming legislation on all players enabling the data-driven economy
•    Do we have the right legal frameworks to protect citizens’ human rights, freedom of communication, privacy and security, even as technology develops?
      o    opportunities and challenges associated with IoT, algorithms and big data solutions
      o    importance of security-by-design
•    How do we increase transparency without compromising security, and foster cooperation among multiple stakeholders?
•    Do we have the right oversight regime to hold agencies accountable?
•    Digital trade – what is needed to enable seamless global services?

Nuala O'Connor, President & CEO, Center for Democracy & Technology
Alex D Hoehn-Saric, Senior Vice President, Policy & External AffairsGovernment Affairs, Charter Communications
Krysten Jenci, Director, Office of Digital Services Industries, U.S. Department of Commerce
Steve Satterfield, Director, Privacy and Public Policy, Facebook
Lauren Van Wazer, Vice President, Global Public Policy, Akamai Technologies
Jeff Brueggeman, Vice President, Public Policy, AT&T   

12:45 keynote

David J Redl, Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information, National Telecommunications and Information Administration

13:15 Lunch


14:00 PANEL FOUR: Digital transformation enablers – business model convergence

Andrew Barendse, Managing Executive Regulatory Affairs, Vodacom SA; Director, International Institute of Communications

•    Policy implications of the convergence of telecom and media platforms
•    How have behemoths and smaller players crossed the chasm? What are the biggest obstacles to and enablers of convergence?
•    How is regulatory oversight keeping pace?
•    Content futures - Changing consumer demand patterns for content and their impact on business models
•    Internet culture versus copyright – how are converged players responding?

Danil Kerimi, Member of the Leadership Team; Head, Technology Industries, World Economic Forum

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Kristina Milbourn, Director, Copyright and Broadband, Rogers Communications

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Susan Fox, Vice President, Government Relations, Walt Disney Company

Richard Nohe, General Counsel, BT Americas 

Heather West, Senior Policy Manager, Americas, Mozilla

15:45 Closing remarks

16:00 End of Telecommunications & Media Forum DC 2017


*The Chatham House Rule applies to Telecommunications and Media Forum discussions.
The Rule also covers tweets and other social network messages during and after the meeting.

The Chatham House Rule:
“When a meeting or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.”

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