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Iván Antonio Mantilla Gaviria

Deputy Technical Director of Telecommunications, National Planning Department (DNP), Colombia

Iván Antonio Mantilla Gaviria

Iván Antonio Mantilla Gaviria is the Deputy Technical Director of ICT at National Planning Department of Colombia, where he is responsible for public national initiatives such as the Big Data strategy for the Colombian Government, public policy for Smart Cities, for digital convergence, and for the national space/satellite economic policy.

He previously worked at the Institute for Advanced ICT Applications in Spain, where he participated in several telecommunications projects, within the public and private sectors. He has also been consultant to the National Spectrum Agency (ANE) of Colombia for orbit/spectrum resources management and satellite policy development.

Mr Mantilla graduated from Universidad Santo Tomás, Bucaramanga, Colombia as Telecommunications Engineer and has a Master of Science in Technologies, Systems and Communications Networks and a PhD in Telecommunications from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. At present, he is finalizing a Master of Science in Strategic Thinking and Foresight. He has also published widely in scientific journals, and is a reviewer of several Journal Citation Reports (JCR).

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