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Washington 2014

Washington 2014

Tuesday 2 - Wednesday 3 december 2014
Kindly hosted by verizon

The policy and regulatory roadmap for the Americas and beyond ...

This event brought together members of the FCC, leaders of businesses and other regulatory bodies to discuss the policy roadmaps for America and the rest of the world. The United States Communications Act of 1934 has not been updated in 18 years. This event examined what a review of the Act means in the US and beyond? America faces a major challenge to ensure its wireless networks keep pace with demand. The broadcast television spectrum incentive auction will be a ground breaking event for the industry. We looked at the progress of the auction and its relevance for the rest of the world.



Investment and financing of national broadband plans & universal service

Our panel compared and contrasted approaches and progress across the Americas and beyond.

Privacy, safety, security and etiquette in an era of big data and disruptive technology

Rational approaches to creating a ubiquitous and trusted environment online - examining the changing roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders.

Technology futurists

As technology enables traditional industry silos to be broken down or overlap what policy and regulatory challenges and opportunities might arise?

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