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  • Nobel Prize winner - 'indispensable for policy'

    October 2014: Jean Tirole has won the Nobel prize in economics for his work on competition – and as the Economist writes: "Making sure companies compete fairly is a tricky business. The firms being regulated know far more about their business than those doing the regulating; bureaucrats can easily end up being too heavy-handed or too lax." Tirole developed a novel way of thinking about the difficulties regulators face managing newly liberalised industries... Read this full article

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  • Two regulations go in Europe

    October 2014: The European Commission has decided that two telecoms markets should no longer be subject to regulation in Europe, and that two more should be redefined to reflect market and technology developments. The rules take effect immediately. The two liberated markets are the retail market for access to fixed telephony and
the wholesale market for fixed call origination. The commission will also redefine two broadband markets to limit regulatory burdens to what is... Read this full article

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  • Belgium, Luxembourg fall foul of the European Court

    October 2014: The European Commission has referred Belgium and Luxembourg to the European Court of Justice (EJC) over the alleged failings of their respective telecoms regulators, reports Total Telecom. "In its complaint against Belgium, the Commission claims that Belgian law does not guarantee the independence of its regulator, the Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications (BIPT). Specifically, the law affords government ministers the option... Read this full article

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  • Centre of excellence for the Middle East and North Africa

    October 2014: The GSMA and the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have set up the Centre of Excellence for Mobile Telecommunications Policy and Regulation in the Middle East and North Africa. It "will provide regulators and policymakers from across the region with practical tools and best practices with the goal of creating an environment that encourages competition and investment in telecoms in the UAE and across the Middle East"... Read this full article

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  • New European commissioners and digital rights

    October 2014: Access, an international digital rights group, has published a blog on the European Parliament hearings for the new European commissioners. Andrus Ansip, the former Estonian prime minister, has been very clear on where he stands: "Data protection will be an important cornerstone of the digital internal market" and that it is essential to "protect everyone’s privacy". In regards to the Safe Harbor agreement, "which has constantly been at the centre of... Read this full article

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  • Farewell shots from Neelie Kroes

    October 2014: "Sometimes I think the telecoms sector is its own worst enemy," said Neelie Kroes, the outgoing VP of the European Commission responsible for the digital agenda, when addressing the recent European Telecommunications Network Operators' Association (ETNO) summit. "Your message is clear: that we need to change regulation. But you have to change too. So rather than being critical about the past, let me be positive about the future... Read this full article

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  • North American advantage confirmed

    October 2014: The North American mobile market is one of the most advanced and successful in the world, according to the latest report in the GSMA’s Mobile Economy series. The study, Mobile Economy North America 2014, finds that mobile subscribers in the North American region are taking advantage of the latest mobile technologies and innovations at lower retail rates than other comparable global markets. It also finds that North American mobile operators have... Read this full article

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  • Pakistan issues draft telecoms policy

    October 2014: Pakistan’s Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT) has published a draft telecoms policy for wider stakeholder consideration and comments from the general public, notes TeleGeography. "The draft is based on recommendations from consultants, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) and the Frequency Allocation Board (FAB), as well as telecom operators and organisations. The broad aim of the policy is to... Read this full article

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  • Australia maps mobile black spots

    October 2014: Australia's Department of Communications has received reports of approximately 6,000 locations with poor or no mobile coverage and these locations have been included in a database which is now available as an interactive map. The database will be shared with mobile network operators and infrastructure providers to assist them in preparing funding proposals for the Mobile Black Spot Programme. A discussion paper for the programme was released in... Read this full article

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  • Mexico starts shared network pilots

    October 2014: Mexico's Ministry of Communications and Transport will conduct a series of pilots of shared 700 MHz networks to obtain technical information regarding the bidding process for an open-access network, reports Telecompaper. "The regulator indicated that there are ten providers participating in the testing phase, with each operator assigned a location where the antennas should be installed." The trials will allow the ministry to test compatibility and technical efficiency, to know how base stations are functioning and determine which provider has the best technological offering... Read this full article

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  • Telefónica director defends market share

    October 2014: The executive director of public policy and regulation of the Telefónica group, Carlos Lopez Blanco, has called on watchdogs to stop regulating the telecoms market from the perspective of the existence of incumbents, which he defined as an “outdated" concept. Lopez Blanco spoke out on this at the IIC’s annual conference in Vienna on 8-9 October, and is also reported by Telecompaper: "He pointed out that a telecoms operator, in the best case... Read this full article

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  • FCC paves way for 5G

    October 2014: The FCC in the US has voted unanimously to open a 'notice of inquiry' into what it and the industry can do to turn a new swath of very high-frequency airwaves, previously deemed unusable for mobile networks, into mobile-friendly frequencies, reports Reuters. "The FCC's examination would serve as a regulatory backdrop for research into the next generation of wireless technology, sometimes referred to as 5G and which may allow wireless... Read this full article

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  • FCC proposes new spectrum bidding rules

    October 2014: The US FCC is proposing new rules for competitive bidding in spectrum auctions that would bar joint bidding arrangements among tier 1 carriers, reports Fierce Wireless. The proposed rules are also aimed at getting more small businesses, rural telephone companies and businesses owned by members of minority groups to bid in auctions. "The rules are unlikely to go into effect before the start of the AWS-3 spectrum auction, which starts on 13 November...Read this full article

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  • India ups spectrum price

    October 2014: Indian regulator, TRAI, has proposed that the base prices in the country’s upcoming 1800 MHz spectrum auctions should be set 10% higher than in the previous round of bidding, notes Developing Telecoms. "The proposed base price for spectrum in the 1800 MHz band is INR2138 crore (around US$346m), and INR3004 crore (US$487m) for the 900 MHz band. Both operators and analysts have objected to the proposals, saying that they are...Read this full article

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  • Ofcom moves with white spaces; Ed Richards to move out

    October 2014: Ofcom is progressing plans for the introduction of new wireless technology in the UK - the first country in Europe likely to do so, the regulator says. With trials already taking place across the country, Ofcom is now also working with Google and London Zoo – the latest organisations to launch TV white space trials, using the technology to stream live footage of animals to YouTube. The trials test a range of uses, such as internet access for rural communities... Read this full article

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  • Varied broadband progress in South-East Asia

    October 2014: A report from the Economist Intelligence Unit finds that progress in providing faster broadband access varies significantly across South-East Asia, despite the economic opportunities being well acknowledged. "There are great differences in the level of broadband planning and implementation, where even leaders, such as Singapore and Malaysia, face challenges in achieving greater coverage and uptake. In Singapore, 95% of households have access to fiber to the home (FTTH) network speed and 46% of them have subscribed to it. In Myanmar, by contrast... Read this full article

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  • Nigeria opens access to broadband

    October 2014: Nigeria will license seven infrastructure companies within the next few weeks as the country moves to an open access policy for broadband networks, reports PC World. Under so-called open access policies, incumbent carriers have to allow competitors to lease capacity on their networks and offer their own services. "Nigeria's GSM subscribers have hit the 130 million mark, but infrastructure build-out has presented a challenge for the country," said a spokesman for the Nigerian Communications Commission. Investment in infrastructure by... Read this full article

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  • Poland eases broadband regulation

    October 2014: Poland’s Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) has decided to ease the regulation of wholesale broadband internet access services in 76 municipalities across the country as it says there is now sufficient competition in these markets, reports TeleGeography. "The watchdog conducted an analysis of the competitive situation in all 3,000 municipalities nationwide and found that in the vast majority of these the incumbent operator Orange Polska still... Read this full article

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  • South African digital TV transition still on hold?

    October 2014: Five months after South African President Jacob Zuma announced he would split the department of communications in two - creating a new communications department and a telecoms and postal services department - there’s still no resolution on which department will lead South Africa’s long-delayed migration from analogue to digital terrestrial television, reports TechCentral. "Democratic Alliance MP and shadow telecoms minister Marian Shinn believes a turf war between the departments is... Read this full article

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  • Netflix vs Canadian regulator – a voice for deregulation

    October 2014: A dispute between Netflix and the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), which may ultimately be decided in court, highlights the need for the deregulation of Canada’s broadcasting industry, finds an essay by the Fraser Institute, a Canadian public policy think tank. "With the rising popularity of Netflix and other online broadcasters, Canada needs to readjust what was already a fundamentally flawed attitude towards broadcasting," says Steven Globerman, Fraser Institute senior fellow and author of 'Canadian content is dead; long live Canadian content!'... Read this full article

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Global spectrum policy - optimising resource allocation and promoting efficiencies for broadband wireless rollout

How should governments and regulators best incentivise public spectrum owners to identify and release underused spectrum? What are the right “components” of an optimal auction design?
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Expert Speakers who attended Vienna

Jessica Rosenworcel
Jessica Rosenworcel
Malcolm Harbour
Malcolm Harbour
Dunja Mijatović
Dunja Mijatović
Chris Chapman
Chris Chapman
Paarock VanPercy
Paarock VanPercy
Gabrielle Gauthey
Gabrielle Gauthey
Leong Keng Thai
Leong Keng Thai
Beatriz Quiñones Cely
Linda Jensen

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Save the Date: TMF Washington 2014

Save the Date:
TMF Washington 2014

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IRF Vienna: 6-7 October 2014

IRF Vienna:
6-7 October 2014

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Annual Conference:
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