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A new look for Intermedia

Intermedia is the world's most influential and longest-established journal devoted to media and telecom policy, regulatory affairs and compliance.


Coverage and scope

The IIC has continuously published its journal, Intermedia, for over four decades – a longevity that makes it almost certainly the most established journal of its kind. Intermedia reviews key developments in telecommunications and media policy, regulatory affairs, emergent ICT trends and especially the impact of the Internet across the entire communications industry including telecommunications, Internet, social networking, broadcasting, print media and related industries.



Intermedia focuses on current and emerging international policy and regulatory issues as is its readership: regulators and policymakers, academics, lawyers, consultants and service providers around the world. It is published five times a year and is available to institutional libraries and via the IIC’s various individual and corporate membership packages.



Authorship is worldwide and recent contributions have come from the UK, USA, Canada, France, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Suriname, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, China, Japan and the Middle East, but in every context, it is focused on the practical and practitioner aspects of policy and regulation in what has become increasingly a highly complex and fragmented climate, challenging experts and specialists everywhere.

Although published by the IIC, Intermedia is editorially independent and seeks to reflect a wide range of views and perspectives from regulatory and policy practitioners, consultants, lawyers, and academics as well as industry executives.

Intermedia regularly interviews on a one- to-one basis the most senior and influential people in the field and recent interviewees have included: Dr Hamadoun Toure (ITU), Viviane Reding (European Commission), Francis Gurry (WIPO), Mark Thompson (BBC), Dr Vinton Cerf (Google), Professor Martin Cave (LSE), and Professor Eli Noam (Columbia University) and Dr Seang-Tae Kim (NIA).



The Editor-in-Chief welcomes suggestions for contributions, especially articles that review international trends or act as comparative studies throughout the environment and where regulatory and policy practitioners have a professional interest.



Editorial enquiries are welcomed but contributions are normally made on the basis of invitation from the Editor in Chief.  Please email Joanne Grimshaw on j.grimshaw[at] 


Subscriptions and Access

Intermedia is available to all categories of IIC Members as part of their membership arrangements. Various online options and online Intermedia archhive materials are being developed that, together with the other IIC content, will give an unrivalled content. Members will be notified in due course about their access options.

Additionally, libraries and other institutions may receive Intermedia at a library rate. Please email Joanne Grimshaw on j.grimshaw[at] for current details of these insitutional subscriptions.