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A Global Challenge

A Global Challenge

The global economy is rapidly becoming digital and all IP (internet protocol). Information and communications technology (ICT) is no longer a specific sector but the foundation of all modern, innovative economic systems. The internet and digital technologies are transforming the lives we lead and the way we work – as individuals, in business, and in our communities – as they become more integrated across all sectors of our economy and society.

These changes are happening at a scale and speed that bring immense opportunities for innovation, growth and jobs. They also raise challenging policy issues. These challenges can be tackled holistically by larger countries, such as the US, or by entities representing larger blocs, such as the European Commission as in its 2015 document, ‘A digital single market strategy for Europe’. But for smaller countries outside a supranational umbrella it is very difficult to set up a coherent policy and regulatory framework.

We would like your views on what the framework for coherent policy and regulation for the digital economy should look like, especially for countries outside of the EU and US.  To share your thoughts contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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