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Future Leaders Forum

The Future Leaders Forum (FLF) is for younger professionals to build a professional network and learn from international peers.

Whilst the majority of our members come from the boardrooms of national regulatory authorities, senior strategic teams from industry and practice leaders in law firms, it is widely agreed that some of the most innovative and exciting ideas come from emerging markets and moreover, emerging individuals. The Future Leaders Forum gives up-and-coming commissioners, and rising stars in legal, policy and international relations teams, a forum in which they:

  1. Build strategic and influential international relationships with senior colleagues
  2. Present their own work and ideas and raise their industry profile
  3. Explore far-reaching implications of new technology on society and the global economy
  4. Keep up to date with new legislation, precedents and case studies
  5. Take part in discussion forums, training courses and events

benefits for future leaders



Members get a digital subscription to InterMedia the IIC’s quarterly journal and other reports for members



Chapter events which take place around the world are free to attend. Other events are heavily discounted for Future Leaders.

Community Forum

Community Forum

Future Leaders Forum Members will have access to a closed LinkedIn community for exchange of ideas, opinions and resources

Under Development

Under Development

In-house training courses for members can be arranged

Request Membership

  • Membership is free for Future Leaders from individuals from existing member organisations
  • Fee £500 per year for individuals from non-member organisations
  • Future leaders must be under 35 years of age



The Yearbook, only available to members, captures the discussions, debates and outcomes of conversations that have taken place throughout the year, and looks forward to the key issues that will be debated in 2018.








Competition subject: What are your views on the Sociology of Technology?
The IIC is looking for the people who will shape the future policy agenda for the telecoms, technology and media sectors and be tomorrow’s influencers…

To this end, we ran a competition earlier this year to encourage and promote original thought in the areas of communications and policy from the future leaders of the sector. We are delighted to announce that the Future Leaders’ Competition winner is Tim Hogg, Consultant at Oxera. Prior to presenting his paper to leading experts at the Annual Conference in Mexico, Mr Hogg was interviewed by Chair of the Judging Panel, Dr Derek Wilding. A brief abstract of Tim's winning entry can be read here and you can watch the video of his presentation here.



Heart of the IIC

Regulation and regulators are at the heart of the IIC.  Discussions among and with them inform the future policy agenda

A neutral space

We provide a neutral space for collegiate debate of complex and controversial topics at the highest level

Future decision making

We take no official policy position, but the solid and meaningful outputs of our discussions are shared with members and form the bedrock of future decision making

Global and local inclusivity

We are committed to global and local inclusivity and seek membership from a diverse audience across the converged TMT sector

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