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Regulator Members

The IIC is committed to helping policy makers and regulators find the best regulatory and policy frameworks for the widest societal benefit.

IIC membership provides the only independent international forum that brings together statutory national regulators in a collegiate, neutral environment to debate policy issues.  There is one International Regulators’ Forum (IRF) each year and other regional events throughout the year.  All members receive a report of meetings regardless of whether they are able to attend and all members receive the IIC’s Yearbook summarising discussions that have taken place throughout the year.

reasons regulators join

  1. Gain current information and insights
  2. Build supportive and strategic relationships
  3. Explore the far-reaching implications of new technology
  4. Showcase their regulatory work in a collegiate arena
  5. Get validation and feedback on from international peers 

membership options

IIC Strategic Partner

IIC Strategic Partner

Fee £12,000

IIC Strategic Partners recognise the work we do in facilitating open discussion and work strategically with the IIC to shape the discussions from which the wider community will benefit.

Full Regulator Member (IRF)

Full Regulator Member (IRF)

Fee £5,000

Regulator Membership is only for senior leadership teams (board level) of National Regulatory Authorities and Competition Authorities. Meetings are conducted under the Chatham House Rule.

IIC Future Leaders Forum

IIC Future Leaders Forum

Fee £500

The Future Leaders Forum (FLF) is for younger professionals to build a professional network and learn from international peers.


*Future Leaders’ Forum is free for individuals from existing member organisations

*There are some concessionary memberships available for retired people, for academics, for micro businesses and for individuals under certain circumstances. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss.

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SNRF 2018 LPSmall Nations RegulatorS’ Forum

The IIC Regulators’ Forum for Small Nations focuses on the opportunities and constraints in media and communications regulation in countries with small populations and or economies.

To join this Forum please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






The yearbook, only available to Members, captures the discussions, debates and outcomes of conversations that have taken place throughout the year, and looks forward to the key issues that will be debated in 2018.








What are your views on the Sociology of Technology?
The IIC is looking for the people who will shape the future policy agenda for the telecoms, technology and media sectors and be tomorrow’s influencers…
To this end, we are running a competition to encourage and promote original thought in the areas of communications and policy from the future leaders of the sector. The winner will be invited to attend the IIC’s Annual Conference in Mexico City where they will present their competition entry to the world’s most senior regulators, government ministers, policy strategists and leading legal practitioners. All expenses, including travel and accommodation, will be paid and the winner will have an additional prize of £250 spending money. How to enter


Outcomes experienced by some Regulator Members


"The IIC opened my eyes to the understanding that regulatory distortion will exacerbate market distortion if not addressed”


"I was able to see the way forward towards making the shift from static regulation to dynamic regulation"


"It helped me to understand the complementarity of fixed and mobile connectivity and the need to foster collaboration"


"I could see the trend line of increasing open standards in the basic infrastructures of the telecommunications business"

the guiding principles of the iic

Heart of the IIC

Regulation and regulators are at the heart of the IIC.  Discussions among and with them inform the future policy agenda

A neutral space

We provide a neutral space for collegiate debate of complex and controversial topics at the highest level

Future decision making

We take no official policy position, but the solid and meaningful outputs of our discussions are shared with members and form the bedrock of future decision making

Global and local inclusivity

We are committed to global and local inclusivity and seek membership from a diverse audience across the converged TMT sector

Stay up to date with the IIC

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