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European reaffirms support for net neutrality

The European Commission (EC) has reaffirmed its commitment to preserving net neutrality across Europe in the wake of a US vote to repeal its regulations, notes Mobile World Live. In a tweet, EC VP for the digital single market, Andrus Ansip, said the EC would “continue to protect net neutrality in Europe”, adding the “right to access the open internet without discrimination or interference” was enshrined in EU law. Earlier in the week, Ansip wrote an editorial in Le Monde in a bid to reassure the public measures in the US would have no impact on Europe. “In the article, he highlighted the economic zone’s open internet regulation – passed in November 2015 and enforced in April 2016 – would “continue to protect all internet users” across member states.” The EU is set to review the regulation by April 2019 with the EC conducting an initial assessment on the impact of the rules in 2018. Read more

  • Monday, 18 December 2017

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