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New Zealand introduces updated telecoms act

New Zealand’s Communications Minister Simon Bridges has introduced a bill to update the country’s telecoms act with a focus on increasing regulatory oversight and improving service quality, reports Mobile World Live.

The bill aims to create a more predictable utility regulation model for ultra-fast broadband fibre, deregulate copper lines where fibre is available and introduce new measures to improve the quality of service for consumers. To ensure consumers are protected, the new telecoms act will include safeguards to make sure customers do not lose their copper landline or broadband unless there is an alternative service available at a comparable price and service level.

While apparently not mentioned in the draft bill, New Zealand’s mobile operators could play a key role in delivering such alternative coverage. New Zealand’s Commerce Commission, the country’s competition watchdog, announced recently it will launch a review of the country’s mobile market within the next year, which may explain the lack of focus on wireless operators in Bridges’ proposal.

The review will assess whether the mobile market in the country is currently working effectively, amid concerns over a lack of competition sparked by a relatively low number of MVNOs and the dominance of the three major operators. 

  • Tuesday, 19 September 2017

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