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Dutch regulator warns on net neutrality; will relax fixed line market

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) is warning telecoms companies that the new European rules on net neutrality must be applied correctly. "At this point, ACM is seeing offers from telecoms companies that are at odds with these new European rules on net neutrality... Our warning concerns two rules in particular. The first is that customers are free to choose the device to go online with. And the second is that providers are not allowed to alter the quality of video streaming, for example." ACM says it will take enforcement actions as soon as it has been granted the legal powers to do so. The bill containing these powers has been submitted to the Dutch Senate. However, the new rules themselves in the European regulation on net neutrality are already in force. See In another move, the ACM is proposing to relax regulation in the fixed line consumer market as 85% of connections are now via IP-based access and the regulator expects this figure to rise to 95% by 2019, notes TeleGeography. "The business services sector will remain regulated, however, as KPN retains its dominant position in that market." Read more

  • Wednesday, 20 July 2016

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