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Sri Lanka’s media reforms ‘long overdue’

'Rebuilding public trust – an assessment of the media industry and profession in Sri Lanka' assesses the media environment in Sri Lanka using the Media Development Indicators (MDIs), an internationally accepted framework developed by UNESCO to assess the state of media in a country. "The analysis presented in this report shows that structural and legal reforms in the media sector are long overdue. Some of these reforms must come from within the media profession and industry itself and stem from serious self-reflection. Other reforms require changes in laws, state policies and the overhauling of state-owned media institutions. Parallel to this, journalism and mass media education courses should be reviewed and updated to meet current industry needs and media consumption patterns. Low media literacy levels in society must also be addressed." One of the recommendations is for setting up an independent media regulator. The report is at

  • Tuesday, 24 May 2016

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