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Australia’s national broadband network reaches half-way stage

The company building and operating Australia’s broadband network – known as nbn – is aiming for it to be almost 50% complete by 30 June 2017, when it will target a total of 5.4 million homes and businesses. The number of people able to connect will expand to 9 million homes by June 2018, with the end of the rollout then in sight. The next 12 months will be significant in terms of scale for both the number of people who can access the network and the number of paying customers, says the company. To date more than 70% of nbn’s rollout has happened in regional and rural areas, but this year will see more construction begin in metropolitan areas. Said nbn CEO, Bill Morrow: “Mid-way through the year, half the network will be completed. This will be a significant turning point as we aim to finish the build by 2020 and become the first fully-connected continent in the world.” Read more

  • Tuesday, 24 January 2017

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