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Data-driven regulation in France

Arcep, France's telecoms regulator, has described how it will use 'data-driven' regulation to steer the market in the right direction. This will include 'crowdsourcing' information from users about performance and coverage, and will also call on mobile users to share problems, "marking a shift from an approach based on customer complaints to one of civic action". In a briefing to analysts, under the title 'Telconomics: How to face regulatory challenges in the digital age', the head of Arcep, Sébastien Soriano, said the main connectivity challenge in France is to address a lag in rolling out ultra-fast broadband, both fixed and mobile, and described consultations on issues such as geographic local-loop unbundling prices, regulation of wholesale fixed markets, and data collection. Arcep is also reorganising to cover new responsibilities such as open internet regulation. See Slides


  • Wednesday, 20 July 2016

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