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Digital Thailand in Motion

Thailand’s digital economy and society agenda is at full swing after the cabinet approved the digital plan in April. The plan sets out a roadmap to transform the nation into a technology and innovation driven society. The new Digital Economy and Society Ministry will be officially established in September, replacing the Information and Communication (ICT) Ministry. The new ministry will oversee promotion and implementation of activities related to a digital economy and society. The new ministry will set up two ministerial bodies: the National Digital Economy Committee and the Digital Economy Promotion Agency, to bring Digital Thailand into actions. Digital Thailand is expected to create competitiveness, social inclusion, digital skills, and improvement of governmental services.

A series of draft legislations are being promulgated to supplement the implementation of the digital plan in areas including institutional arrangement, computer crime, cyber security, personal data protection, e-commerce, spectrum management and telecommunication infrastructures. The draft legislations are in their third review and expected to be launched by the end of this year. Some of the rules have been streamlined to meet international standards. The draft computer crime act now requires a court’s order before accessing an individual’s computer information while the previous draft left this to the police power. In addition, the draft personal data protection act simplifies data control rules for ease of compliance by businesses. The draft covers important issues such as data retention, data localization, user’s consent requirements, and cooperation. It will look at both the European Union’s model and the APEC model in order to explore options which can be most beneficial to the country. There are major revisions of the cyber security rules and the e-commerce provisions to bring them in line with international standards.

  • Thursday, 25 August 2016

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