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Fiscal policy, economics and universal service funding

This talk took place on Friday 20th May 2016 as part of the IIC Telecommunications & Media Forum in Miami.


Fiscal policy, economics and universal service funding: building certainty and incentives to promote investment in the digital ecosystem as a whole
Examples of tax policy decisions which might have a marked impact on converged communications investment
• Innovative tax arrangements which will stimulate services and applications to improve social inclusion and to improve competitiveness and productivity
• What kind of regulatory and policy reform /innovation could maximize the performance of Universal Service Obligation (USO) funds so they are fit for purpose in today's converged world?
• Given the prevalence of wireless, can and should there be a regulatory provision of "universal service bands" in terms of spectrum resources to complement the USO funds?
• Should these levies be discontinued?


  • Ulf Pehrsson innovation Vice President Government & Industry Relations, Ericsson

In the chair

  • Andres Maz Executive Director Advanced Technology Policy, Cisco


  • Dr Héctor Huici Secretary for Information Technology and Communications, Ministry of Communications Argentina
  • Luciano Charlita de Freitas Regulatory Specialist, National Telecommunication Agency (ANATEL), Brazil
  • José Juan Haro, Director LATAM Public Policy and Wholesale Business, Telefónica, S.A.
  • Roslyn Layton, PhD Fellow, Aalborg University
  • Marcelo Mejias Head of Regulatory Intelligence, TIM Brasil

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