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BEREC head warns that Europe’s framework lacks ‘agility and certainty’

Sébastien Soriano, head of French regulator, Arcep, and current of the European regulators body, BEREC, took time at the recent Mobile World Congress to express BEREC’s views on the ongoing review of the regulatory framework and to share BEREC’s commitment to facilitate the implementation of European digital policy, especially the gigabit society, 5G, internet of things, and entry of new digital players. “As such, policymakers and the industry can count on BEREC when it comes to ensuring the existence of competition as a driver for investment. Soriano considered it a “nonsense” to oppose regulation and connectivity; the challenge being to adapt the regulatory toolbox to clear objectives set by the European legislators. He also insisted on the track record of BEREC to deliver as an independent body relying on the expertise of its members.” On spectrum, he welcomed the European Commission’s proposal to harmonise competencies of national regulators (NRAs) on “market shaping” aspects of spectrum management. He also warned that a futureproof framework cannot accommodate 25 years of individual rights over spectrum chunks. To support future innovations, including new models and new entries, the framework will need both agility and certainty, which is not the case in the current proposal. Soriano emphasised that networks are a common good and defended the necessity for entrepreneurs and end-users to benefit from open access to the internet. In this regard he insisted on the need not only to pursue the transatlantic dialogue between BEREC and the FCC, but also to enlarge the discussion to regulators around the world. And commenting specifically on net neutrality and 5G, he reiterated the position adopted in the BEREC guidelines that network-slicing in 5G networks may be used to deliver specialised services. More here

  • Friday, 17 March 2017

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