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Switzerland reports on net neutrality

Switzerland set up its Network Neutrality Arbitration Board in 2015 and has now published an annual report for 2015/16, which details seven requests and two recommendations. The arbitrators were able to settle two cases, but could not intervene in the other five, either because they fell within the remit of telecoms dispute body, Ombudscom, or because they had nothing to do with network neutrality. The first case handled involved an internet user who wanted to use a specific router. Although the router did provide the user with internet access, in the event of IP telephony the network operator would have had to release connection data (session initiation protocol (SIP) credentials), which the network operator refused to do at the time, for security and quality-related reasons. The second case concerned a mobile phone subscription. The party submitting a request complained that customers were being influenced to use one specific messaging service rather than other alternatives because only that messaging service offered free, unlimited usage (i.e. was zero rated). The report is at

  • Tuesday, 24 January 2017

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